Max Gentlemen Sexy Business is a Fun Anime Game

good game

Was honestly surprised by how fun it was. It’s a business tycoon/management game, and I was VERY happy to see some uniquely stylized and attractive men (thank-you Lord, so tired of only seeing anime and neko-neko girls) mixed into the highly suggestive and sexual environment that the game presents— however, I was somewhat disappointed.

This disappointment comes from the fact that this game is not nearly as “intense” as it lets on. From the trailer alone, there is an immediate expectation that there will be ANIMATED SEQUENCES throughout the game, but that is simply not the case. Should the player decide on a more intimate approach with the available business partners (because yes, there are options to keep everything low-key and strictly professional, meaning no bumping uglies)— it’s pretty meh. The intimate sequences you’ve been building up to for a few hours now is only a handful of lines (written text) describing your brief coital endeavor…and that’s it.

There is no animation and no visual to go alongside it except for the (if the player has downloaded the uncensored dlc) singular picture afterwards which displays the business partner(s) completely bare. It’s honestly kind of disappointing in that department. Not as much voice-acting as I thought either, which really has me scratching my head at the price.

You also can’t (exclusively) bang your butler so about a thousand ‘no-no, for shame points’ for that too.

Other than being extremely guilty of false-advertising (speaking in terms of the trailers, and the over-the-top sexual suggestions throughout both those and the game itself, which can be very riveting [yet essentially yielding a fairly lame and dissatisfying outcome]), it is a well-written, humorous, captivating, and addictive game. Still playing it now as I type this up and it’s almost four in the morning on my side of the world. Really should go to bed, since I have to get up early— BUT I MUST DEFEAT MY RIVAL WHO IS PLOTTING TO DESTROY MY BUDDING EMPIRE!!!

Honest-to-God fun and engaging gameplay, great for distractions (procrastinating), lots of customization, lots of business partners, levels of censorship are available as well (for the faint of heart or those who want to play this at work/in public), and several hours of entertainment are thankfully included. I’m just disappointed at the surprisingly sparse amount of voice-acting (once again referencing the trailers), and the fact that I didn’t even get some ♥♥♥♥ing moaning or grunting sounds from Max while he was pounding me into high heaven. The game is just so well-developed and the gameplay is pretty top-notch (although maybe there could be a “speed-up” button because there can be a little bit of waiting around from time to time)— and with a twenty-dollar price tag for essentially a tycoon/dating sim game, I wouldn’t expect any less than what has been described/advertised.

So I guess I’m saying: Don’t expect this game to be as “fulfilling” as some of the other popular games which lend themselves to the dating sim genre. Also don’t pay full-price, which I’m loathe to say, but it’s true. Thinly-spread voice-acting, no grand assortment of animations, ultimately no visual satisfaction except for the rather tame imagery with the paltry text hardly picking up the slack— it kind of gave me blue-balls (can I say that?), if I’m being honest. I was really revved up for a night of craziness with my Maxi-poo and finished his date with mild confusion which soon turned to “Oh, that’s it? Huh…”

Lots of people are also comparing this game to a mish-mash of HuniePop and AdVenture Capitalist, and I have to say that HuniePop is half the price (the basic version of AdVenture Capitalist is free) and HuniePot (HuniePop’s developer) created an astounding puzzle/VN-style that has a lot more animations, full voice-acting, way more suggestive imagery, and actual intimate sequences which take place in partially animated and extremely stimulating visual/match-three environments (which is appropriate to that particular videogame). This game, unfortunately, does not tap into that level of depth as much as I and many others had hoped.