Men are Being Oppressed in Modern America

Men are slaves

A guy on /pol/ posted this thread and I thought I’d repost it here:

Anyone else tired of this shit? I drive a shitty car, no college, no good job. Randomly have to do odd jobs just to scrape by minimum wage. Always doing random manual labor/heavy lifting for all my family. My sisters and female cousins all went to college, some of them go to go to nice prep school that helped them get into ivy league universities including Harvard, while i went to shitty public school. I literally have to listen to my annoying ass female relatives bitch at me about patriarchy, white male privileged blah blah. They all have more money then me, all have way nicer cars then me, way better jobs then me and Im literally the family bitch who has to do any bullshit manual labor task for all of them, and i still try to have a good attitude around them. But they continue the same bullshit year after year, like somehow my poor, no influential white ass somehow is more privileged then these literally privileged in every way cunts actually are. fucking bullshit you guys.

Editor’s comments: This is what happens when women are brainwashed by feminism to hate men. They think all men are “oppressing” them. In reality, these spoiled little bitches are just angry that 95% of men are “beta-males” in their estimation, and these bitches are angry that the 5% of alpha-males won’t marry them. Either way you need to get the hell away from your family, dude. They are toxic people.