Men Need to Start Holding Women Accountable For their Actions

Stop giving women a pussy pass

The reason western women are so out of control is because western men refuse to hold them accountable for anything. Take the trend of women punching men. Women are so entitled that they think they can literally assault a man and that she will face no consequences for it. Well, that is true, because men refuse to do anything. I am not suggesting punching a woman back. No, if a woman attacks you, you call the police and then press charges against her for assault. If enough men started doing this, then women would change their behavior.

Western men are incredibly cucked people. I guess they’ve been brainwashed by Disney childhood movies to think it is noble and their duty to save a woman in distress. Nevermind the fact that western women have been acting like literal monsters for decades now. No other race of men would tolerate this. But white men have some kind of cuck fetish or something, I guess. It is pathetic and weak and that is why all the African and Mexican men who are invading the West look at white men as if they are a bunch of weak pussies, and they are correct.

If you cannot even control your own women, then you ARE a weak race and that is why the West is being invaded by immigrants. The immigrants know that white men are weak pussies and won’t do anything to stop it. White men need to grow some balls and start holding women legally accountable for their behavior.