Men Should Never Get Married

Avoid marriage

The real lesson here is that you can’t trust women and you can’t trust society. All guys should get the fucking hint by the time they’re around 25 years old or so, but for some reason some dudes are slow on the uptake.

Which is why I can barely conceal my disbelief when I see dudes in their late 20s getting married. WTF are you doing. And usually they’re marrying women their own age if not older, and some guys are even marrying chicks who are no prize at all putting it mildly. As I see it, there’s no excuse for marrying past your mid 20s once you’re starting to get your mental stability back, and your sex hormones are slowly beginning to recede. Giving in to do the betacuck routine won’t turn you into Chad, quite the opposite it will take whatever independence and self-respect you had and undermine it.

If you were a test-charged maniac who fucked everything and got it out of your system… well, then you can focus on yourself now, been there done that got the T-shirt.

If you haven’t… well, not being fucking married and ruining your life permanently is your consolation prize for pulling your way through your teens and twenties. Congratulations jerkoff, enjoy your peace of mind and piles of money.

Author’s comment: Yes, this is very good advice. Getting married is fucking retarded because you gain nothing and stand to lose everything, as a MAN. Better to just fuck prostitutes and focus on your career and making lots of money. As long as the legal and divorce system is anti-male and destroys men financially in divorce court, marriage is an extremely fucking stupid decision for a man. Stay single, stay free.