Men Who Avoid Marriage Are Literal Scum

loser men

The worst part of living as a man in the west is that everyone has this subconscious implication built into their heads that if you don’t “get a women” (e.g., marriage), you are the scum of the Earth, and there’s something wrong with you that you can and ***MUST*** fix to be considered a human again.

Meanwhile, they make the process as difficult and unrewarding as possible for the average-looking male, providing women with plenty of birth control and opportunities to meet high-tier men, via apps like Tinder, as well as a lack of slut-shaming, etc. So most women don’t want to have anything sexual with 6-and-below men until they hit the wall and have to have a loveless, dead bedroom marriage with an average man or, even worse, a below-average man because she couldn’t secure any of those high-tier models that were banging her brains out in those college orgies during her prime.

And then, as the man, you can end up being humiliated when your wife asks for an open relationship, cheats on you, gives you dead starfish sex occasionally, etc. or she can straight up divorce rape you and take your children and finances.

And the worst part is that society considers this a “win” for the man. At the end of the day, he continued our species, so fuck whatever he had to go through. Whatever his son will have to go through…

I can’t believe those men who refuse to get married believe in shit like this. When I showed this to my wife’s son and boyfriend, they were just as completely shocked as I was.