Meridian 59 is the First Graphical MMORPG

first MMO

Meridian 59 is a very special game. It’s different than other ones because of how the death system works. When you die in Meridian, the items you had in your inventory are all dropped to your body (similar to what would happen if you died in real life). Not only do you lose your items, but you also lose some Health Points and skill/spell percents you may have spent hours working on.

Imagine 10 players vs 10 players in a battle, coordinating their fights against each other with a mixture of spells and weapons. A few moments into battle someone realizes they’re being hit by 6 of those players and can’t escape fast enough, being killed. All of their belongings free to be looted.

When the game first came out, this was a harsh way of playing MMO’s, but it’s one of the reasons the game is still alive today – some of the old players hoping to get that adrenaline rush once more before they are too old to enjoy life.

To give you a history lesson, when Meridian 59 came out, Ultima Online shortly came out (taking most of the player base) and then Everquest a year or two later. Shortly after, 3DO shut down the game, but Near Death Studios reopened the game to the public. Meridian 59 became a game for veterans and hardcore players for several years, and dwindled down its player base over 15 years due to spreading out the game to different servers hosted by players and lack of content.

Over the last 20 years the game has evolved through players who had played when they were growing up. Over 10,000 hours of development have been randomly added to different versions of the game which unfortunately have come and gone.

The game is old but no other game has mastered the life & death effect quite like Meridian.

So if you want something different, looking for an adrenaline rush or want to push the envelope on life & death, give this game a try. When you finally take control over the game you’ll find plenty of enemies to kill, especially other players.

How is it that a game that came out like 20 years ago is easily the best game I’ve played all year? Seriously. I wish I had found it sooner. This game has aged so well. The community is amazing, even the pvpers are broadcasting tips in chat when you make a mistake.

The admins are very active and host events frequently. This is a game that looks simple initially, but has some serious depth and culture. It’s a blast from the past that sucks you in, making friends along the way all while providing every opportunity to become great. Try this game, you wont regret it.