Mexican Women are More Loyal than White Women

Viva la mexico

Women are the ultimate projecters. Everything they say bad about men is just them projecting their own faults onto men.
-Men only care about looks? It’s because women only care about looks and they can’t comprehend anyone acting differently.
-Men only want sex? Well, when a woman is attracted to a man, it’s because the man is a chad and she really wants to have sex with chad so men must be the same way.

Similar concept to how women who cheat start going crazy thinking the man is cheating or the man is suddenly being too clingy.

Also apparently Hispanic women 18-34 with only a high school education who vote republican and grew up with both parents who go to church are the best option.

Author’s comments: Yes, I can confirm the last point about Mexican women. Mexican women don’t have this spoiled little princess bitch attitude that white women have and are much more down to earth. Many mexican women don’t bother going to college and many don’t even waste time graduating high school. The truth is, the less educated a woman is, the more feminine she is. Education means indoctrination and our modern educational system is simply feminist brainwashing to get young girls to hate men. That’s why so many college women are so mentally sick. They’ve been brainwashed to hate men even though they want nothing more than to find an alpha male type. Also, Mexican women love white men and will pretty much be loyal and be a good wife to a white guy.