MGTOW is the Best Life for Men


MGTOW here.. man life is good. No bratty kids.. no bitchy frigid wife. Just my hobbies, time, and a big bottle of Suave with Aloe hand lotions and 4k porn to drain my old shriveled balls each day. I’m 28 and figure that’s gonna be me one day. Is it honestly not that bad? you’ve been at it literally 2x as long as I have. I worry my brain is gonna rot and I’m going to slowly go insane after having clocked in too much runtime. Already I think of all the time I have experienced and feel vertigo. I’ve felt myself die bit by but. there is barely anything left of me from the beginning. To the MGTOWS here: They will come for you one day. Eventually they will realize shaming tactics just won’t work, and will have the state step in. You can’t go your own way forever; you will be targeted one day and forced to get married. It will become illegal to not be married.

Its better than stressing out over getting pussy, I was pretty much MGTOW before it was even a thing, back when we were called herbivore males. If they actually cared about independence and self-reliance they’d be something. As it stands, they’re built beneath an ideological banner that stresses avoiding woman rather than building oneself. One of those nice in concept, bad in practice sort of things. Self-reliance and independence – for men and women – are fine things, but to twist them into a movement means abandoning the very core of the words.

Anyway, just avoid marriage!