Military Wives are Cheating Whores

Don't marry them

Some dude on /pol/ just posted this in a thread about the military and how military wives cheat on their husbands:

Women are monsters, man. If they want to shame men, they REALLY need to self-reflect before they want to open their stupid fucking yappers so much. What will they do when they know men will no longer are dumb enough to legally marry them?

I propose simply sending women to fight in this war with Iran. Go get em girls! You’ve been on and on about how great you are! Go prove it!

Lol. They only know how to talk. That’s their skill. Talking.

Why are we even mad at the Iranians anyway? Because they got their women under control? THAT’S WHY!? They tame their monsters, and WE LOOK AT THEM LIKE THEY’RE THE CRAZY ONES? Let me tell you something boys. We live in a matriarchy, and they use social engineering to maintain the facade. A genuine patriarchy, where every man gets a wife, is INFINITELY more productive than a matriarchy. We have been in decline for decades! Was this not just obvious? Is anyone else just looking around them and figuring it out? We establish means of remote communication, and all they do is use it to enforce it globally. So really, fuck women. They’re fucking awful, and white women are the worst of all.

Awful. Woeful creatures. They will never understand their own wrappings. Women do these things. They can’t just settle for being a decent human being, they have to create a commotion around them and disturb any sense of peace a man can come upon. Just to say they were there.