Millennial Quits on his Boomer Boss

Boomer scum

A millennial wrote this:
I quit the other day. I didn’t even let my boomer boss know. He’s a dolt. I just stopped showing up. He called me twice and I let it go to voice mail. The third time he called I let my mom handle the call. Told her to tell him I quit. Fuck that. I can make more money trading crypto and streaming on twitch. Old boomer ass still thinks brick and mortar stores will exist in 10 years. A lot of my bros that work for his old ass have just stopped showing up. The other day the poor bastard called my buddy to ask why he was not at work and my buddy was out surfing ahaha.

My reply:

Let the idiot boomer boss hire a bunch of immigrant workers. His company will collapse within a year. Boomers expect millennials to work for free. It’s the boomers who are useless and lazy. Boomers have never done a single day of REAL WORK in their entire lives. Boomers are parasites who parasite off of hard-working intelligent millennials.

But for real, ALL millennials need to refuse to work for boomer bosses. Let the parasite boomers hire shitty immigrant workers. Millennials need to work for millennial-run companies like Facebook and progressive IT companies like Google. Boomers need to hurry up and drop dead.

NEVER work for a boomer!

BOOMERS are the entitled ones. Boomers think they are ENTITLED to free millennial labor and entitled to CHEAP immigrant labor. Those same immigrants will be working in the retirement homes. Enjoy your retirement homes, boomer scum!

The reason the boomer flyover white trash Republican states have collapsed is because all the skilled millennials left and moved to East or West coast states to work for well-managed companies run by millennials. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc, are some examples. But hey, boomer flyover white trash can just go swallow another OxyContin pill, right? Without millennials, boomers are completely fucked.