Millennial Women Cannot Cook and Are Useless

useless millennial

40% of millennials can’t cook:

that 40% is FEMALE millennials. Every male millennial knows how to cook complex dishes such as Tom Yum soup using the base ingredients, not the packaged shit. This is why millennial women are such fat ass pigs, they don’t cook and eat natural food. But they want us white men to pay higher taxes to support their bad health choices. All the female posters in that article are all bitches who have a hostile attitude towards the idea of cooking. Please eat your big mac and wash it down with SSRI drugs, and please just kill yourself too so you are no longer a parasite on white men’s tax dollars.

More millennial women talking about how they don’t cook and think that is a good thing. Millennial women may be even worse than baby boomer women, holy shit. Any man who marries a millennial woman is a fucking faggot.

Good news is most millennial women are on SSRI drugs and thus will die 20 years earlier than they would have otherwise.