Modern Women Are Completely Screwed Up

they are sick

I don’t identify as an incel but I’ve been having some pretty serious problems with women in recent years. My last relationship went pretty bad at the end and I think every one I’ve ever had was pretty unhealthy and I think it fucked me up or something. I identify with some of the crap incels spout and feel pretty worthless about it even though the reality is I get plenty of matches when I attempt online dating and they usually talk to me and I can ask out women IRL and get a yes often enough. I feel like an idiot even though I know I’m actually not bad with women. I can definitely tie a lot of my experiences directly to the kinds of kike influence that gets discussed here. It’s better to be able to see the cause and effect rather than just wondering why, but it’s still pretty demoralizing to feel the weight the whole apparatus trying to crush your personal life.

It’s fucked up because I know my dating issues are all in my head but I just imagine the worst from any woman now and even if I push myself to go out with someone and she’s interested I won’t ask her out again even if I want to. Even if she’s hot, I just never get around to it somehow. And I have two women who I’m not attracted to that I’ve repeatedly turn down for sex. Not getting laid is better than the disgust I feel from them which also makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me. The thought of dying without ever having a family rips me up pretty bad.

As far as being right-wing I’m a big admirer of Hitler ever since I recently started reading Mein Kampf so I’d say yes I’m pretty right-wing. Amazing read btw everyone here needs to read it, it’s basically just pages and pages of the best of redpilled effortposts. Hitler knows how to think and reading him is like a breath of fresh air when you’re used to the twisted ignorance of modern culture.