Modern Women do Not Want Equality With Women


Define the word “Equal”.

Now apply that definition to the expectations women have of men and what women are willing to do in return.

You end up with something that does not in any way resemble the definition of the word equal and will appear to any sane, rational person to be a failed cost/benefit analysis.

Because if you’re ever alone with women at any time, they can accuse you of rape, and the courts treat you as guilty until proven innocent. Even if proven innocent, they won’t go to jail as long for their false accusation as you would have.

The thing is once upon a time the vow of marriage meant something now till death do us part are just silly words.

Prosecute EVERYONE, no exceptions, found guilty of false reporting. The maximum sentence is automatically applied to the individual who filed the false report that the defendant would have been subject to, had he or she been convicted. No judge’s discretion loophole. (If you report an aggravated rape, and it turns out to be bullshit, you get 15 years) I would also fully support the death penalty for rapists. I understand this is extreme, but so is looking at a 60 year old man’s veiny scrotum hanging under his skirt at the mall because he thinks he’s Beyoncé. You people need to get the Old Yeller treatment BAD.