Modern Women have Destroyed Marriage

Men don't want to get married anymore

You’ve probably seen all those articles written by women that say things like “Why can’t I find a husband?” or “Why won’t men man up and get married?”. Well, uh, the reason men don’t want to get married is because the divorce rate is like 60% and 90% of divorces are initiated by the woman. If you get married to an American or western woman, there is a 60% chance your wife will divorce you. And American men are so pathetic that they tolerate this, and whimper back to the woman, begging her not to divorce them, like a dog.

The worst thing a man can do is to develop one-itis, that is, being super attached to one woman. Alpha males are attached to no woman and treat women like they are replaceable and women LOVE them for it. Basically, the less attached you are to a woman, the more attached she will be to you. Only a pathetic man worships a woman. Women are not worthy of worship. Women are worthy of scorn and contempt. And if you treat women with a subtle sense of scorn or contempt, they will be insanely attracted to you.

American men don’t want to get married anymore because we know that marriage is a joke and that we men gain nothing from it and we have everything to lose. If you are poor white trash, then go ahead and get married cause it’s not like you have much money to lose regardless. But any man who is financially stable should avoid marriage at all costs. If a girl tries to pressure you to marry her, cut her out of your life immediately and completely.