More Explanation of Why Many Men are Virgins

incel virgins

The social skills and experiences necessary in building up people are largely discouraged or at the very least not fostered by our current environment. We spend too much time online honestly, and didn’t challenge ourselves to become industrious and reliable men that would be enticing to women. Boys and men must become more masculine because the virtues of masculinity are conducive towards a healthy life in a social and mental sense. Our society has become either too feminized or simply soulless and so does not require or may discourage masculinity. Because if you don’t date in highschool and get laid in college you begin thinking about your career seriously around 25+ and realize you have no time for bitches when you’re trying to work 60 hours a week on post-bacc studies and job to make money to upgrade your career further because society makes it EASY for women to get shit-tier entry level jobs making 35k plus benefits starting while men have to haul ass and get something specialized like electrical engineering, carpentry, being a military officer, trucking etc.

Men aren’t allowed to be stupid, get a degree and walk into a job. Boomers actively block us and replace us with pajeets, niggers and wahmen. So white men are FORCED to take on highly difficult jobs making fucktons of money. Or white men just live in their parents’ basement and do part-time gig jobs to pay their parents rent and pay for vidya. I’m 28 and a virgin. Women just aren’t worth my time. I’ve had a few women interested in me but I shut them down pretty quick. It’s a lot of work and bullshit jumping through a million hoops all for a warm hole that’s easily simulated with an $80 Fleshlight. Now I have a net worth of over a million $$$ and own several investment properties. My friends that wasted all their time/money chasing pussy have nothing (though some of them were lucky enough to be gifted with an STD). Porn and fleshlight are good enough. I wouldn’t even waste money on a hooker even though I can afford it. I’ve thought about it sometimes when I get really horny, but a quick wank later and that desire goes away in an instant.

So you’ve created a world where either men give up and don’t have enough money to satisfy entitled roasties who got their pussies reamed hard in college but have a job as “exec hiring HR manager” making 40k a year so they think they deserve a man who makes more but SPOILER- stacy’s pussy not only looks like roast beef but she also put on 10 pounds a year in the 8 years since graduation and now looks like a fat cow at 200lbs. Or men are forced to take on massive responsibilities in highskill markets and by the time they come out the other end around 35 making 6 figs they realize they have the money to easily date a college roastie instead of the used up post-college 30-something roastie.