More Young Men are Avoiding Sex and Women than Ever Before

incels right

Why are more and more young men not having sex? Social media made real life relationships disposable, tinder made it easy for women to get what they want – validation from simps and cock from chad. Most of those men are ethnics. White men don’t have a problem getting sex. Only a very small increase in celibacy for them. Men are afraid to flirt. The societal climate is that all men are perverted rapists, so any sort of sexual advance without explicit consent from the women is highly risky. Because more and more young men and women are just staying at home and playing vidya instead of going out and socializing. While getting sex is easier than ever young adults are also less bothered. Women are a waste of time and money, too much validation on social media, too many likes for skimpy clothing and retarded quotes on instagram. Lel grrl power and all that jazz. Incels say women are having more sex than ever. Which obviously is false but then again you can’t be an incel unless you have a serious mental handicap. This generation of young adults has less casual sex than in decades. The most degenerate is the boomer generation. Generation x is more degenerate than millennials. Why are you so triggered by the truth? The cost of living has gone up. having children which is what sex is for is more expensive then in the babyboomer days when the economy was better just your regular average people could hook up have sex and have 5 or 6 children while just working minimum wage jobs now you need a higher paying job to support them. people would rather pursue a career first and also the women of society are becoming extremely picky due to the rise in social media it offers them to pick a male from anywhere in the world and they have dicks constantly being thrown at them vs back a hundred years ago they could only choose the dick they could find near their village.