More Young Men are Virgins Now than Ever Before


According to the latest data by the General Social Survey, men between the ages of 18 and 29 are having less sex than ever; the number of abstinent men has nearly tripled in the last decade, from 10 percent in 2008 to 28 percent last year. Why are so many young men today unable to find a girlfriend or even have sex?

Nate, a high-school junior from the San Francisco area, is terrified of sex because he’s certain the girls in his peer group already have more experience than him. “She’s going to know how to do things and you won’t,” he told Orenstein. “That’s a problem if she tells people you’ve got floppy lips or don’t know how to get her bra off.” He wants to have a girlfriend someday, but for now, Nate says, “I’m afraid of intimacy.”

Many like myself, simply refuse to play the game. I’m at University and plenty of girls smile and flirt with me. But when they find out through conversation that I am not on social media. I am met with looks of disgust and repulsion and they move on. I also refuse to go to degenerate clubs. So my dating potential is virtually nonexistent. But I don’t care. Instead focusing on my own life. Women will replace you for a better choice at the first opportunity loyalty and mental maturity is not a woman trait. (Even if they aren’t degenerate) I know its hard to accept but swallow this redpill for your own good.

The ubiquity of social media has led to an age of mass narcissism and alongside that everyone feels more pressured to have sex than ever before. It’s to the point where if you don’t participate in this dumb charade, or at least reject it, you’re seen as a deviant. Something that’s supposed to be intimate between two people is now plastered everywhere for all to see. It’s no longer anything special or cherished, it’s just a rite of passage you’re now expected to experience by 18.

Happen to me many times, One day you find a girl how almost don’t use social media or go to night clubs (no degenerate girl basically) love jazz and classic music, pure kindness and funny person, But at the next day she go to hollydays with his family and cheat on you without any reason that his selfishness and total lack of empathy. Is something genetic i think or that what I still coping. You can put everything in one theory and that will be the incel cope of “women bad muh I don’t get laid” This is wrong or real? no one cares.

I just find it sad that so many young reach the age of twenty-five or even thirty without ever having experienced love, romance, intimacy, and a close bond with a girl who truly cares for them and who they care for in return. All those hundreds, if not thousands of nights spent alone with nobody sleeping beside you, nobody telling you about themselves and asking you with genuine curiosity about yours. Never letting your guard down, never allowing someone to get to know and love you on a vulnerable, intimate level. Never holding hands, never kissing, never even just lying beside a girl with your skin touching and not saying a word but just looking into each other’s eyes. Are you honestly, truly content with living your entire life without experiencing this? Still better than divorce, being cheated on, getting STDs, false rape accusations, dying inside by being trapped with someone you don’t love, and about half a dozen other things that are much, much worse than NOT having some smelly hole to jam your peepee into. Being lonely from time to time is a bad thing, but it is FAR from the worst thing.

Unfortunately, over 50% of the people you are forced to associate with are going to be women, who will judge your worth to the universe first by your handsomeness, and then by the amount of sex you’ve had once they know you better. Having any sort of authority or respectability with people in general is going to require that you’ve stuck your phallus in many of the wet vaginas of your species. The introverted is by far the most negative trait here. I have a colleague who is average height, fat as fuck, mid forties and balding. He is married to an attractive woman half his age with whom he has 3 kids and still fucks every 6 plus that draws breath when we are on the road. He is immensely outgoing. His personality alone lets him pull pussy at will and climb the corporate ladder. He’s taught me many things on the subject. Main piece of advice to you and all other introverts is train yourself hard to remove your filters. Don’t tiptoe around people’s feelings in social situations. Especially women. Treat women like children and treat young children like dogs (Cesar Milan style).

Attention sure, but that’s not the issue here, having kids is. Can older women get sex from older men? Yes of course, especially if the woman is attractive. Can an older woman have kids? No, not after a certain age, and the older the woman the more likely the child will be deformed. Contraception and the flood of free abortions mean that chad is not likely to pass on his genes but the trailer park meth-head might. The next generation will not be composed of the children of engineers (the betas) or the children of ambitious men (the chads), it will be the children of those too stupid to use proper protection. It will be a generation of single mothers which is a very dangerous thing. Here’s a trick. Stop caring about them, put 100% of your concentration into bettering your finacial situation and physical appearance and they’ll be the ones talking to you. Also, women aren’t dumb, they appear to be dumb to make you drop your guard, while in fact they are cunning. And they can smell your desperation. Forget about trying to bed them. Talk to them like a man. This will surprise them. They are not used to being not pandered to. You could also try phenibut or alcohol to ease the tensions. It’s how it’s been done for thousands of years. Yeah. I tend to ignore the glaring faults of women and become absolutely smitten by their positive qualities. Then after a while, I’ll notice something about her and become completely turned off.
Like this girl I was seeing before, she was fun, nice feminie figure, warm and kind. But she was short and had dyslexia. Made me completely turned off. Not someone of stock for having a family.

When I lost my virginity I pretended like I wasn’t a virgin, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t know what I was doing but the girl didn’t care. She even helped me insert and take off her bra. Girls find these things cute actually. People are disconnected from reality. I have these things happen to me and I’m nothing special looks wise. I guess I’m white with blue eyes so that counts for something? Big natural tits are usually kind of gross. You can find 18 year old girls with nice C or maaaybe even smallish D cups that are still firm and perky, but 25 years old? Forget about it, trash across the board. What you want ideally is somewhere around a large B enhanced to a medium to large C with under the muscle implants. You get a nice fleshy breast on top that is aesthetic over the long run too. Honestly natural women are not that impressive anymore. Once you fuck a girl that has had all her hair lasered off, you’ll find the ones who have not basically insufferable. Even a freshly saved woman doesn’t feel nearly as nice. No one shaves perfectly, there is always going to be a missed spot, etc. etc. It takes $50,000 worth of work of this sort for me to even find a woman interesting anymore. If you’re super horny you can settle for less, but I certainly wouldn’t be dicking it regularly.