Most American Men are Completely Fed Up With American Women

spoiled princesses

30% of men now avoid one-on-one meetings with female workers, citing MeToo as a reason. That is huge. 30% of American men are practically MGTOW now. Then there’s another 30% of men under 35 who are virgins, so that’s another huge slice that are basically MGTOW. As for the idea “American women suck, foreign women are better”, well that’s been a meme in the popular consciousness for 10 years now.

American women are evil and they are now going insane because their whole little princess fantasy is collapsing and they are realizing they are all going to grow old alone with their 10 cats, shoveling bucket after bucket of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream into their fat fucking faces.

American women, specifically white women, are fucking evil cunts and don’t deserve an American husband. American men are the most tolerant, mature, good men in this world. Women from other countries would love to have an American man. So American women are ungrateful little bitches who don’t appreciate their men, so fine, American men are going for Asian and brown and black women who actually appreciate them and treat them right. Did you know that white men black female marriages have the lowest divorce rate? Obviously the divorce problem in the white/black communities are caused by black MEN and white WOMEN.

White men and Black women are the best of their race. White women and black men are the worst. Let black men have white women, white women are basically niggers now anyway.

Western women are whining about non-existent sexism, meanwhile in Bangladesh, this type of thing is still occurring:

Bangladesh’s high court has ruled that women will no longer be required to declare if they are virgins on marriage certificates in a victory for equal rights campaigners.

In the Muslim-majority country, a bride had to state if they were divorced, a widow or “kumari”, a Bengali word meaning “virgin”, on their marriage deed, or “Kabinnama”.

Basically western people are too fucking spoiled, too soft, they have had it too easy for too long now. A good economic collapse and massive suffering and poverty would do a lot to make westerners stop acting like a bunch of spoiled little children. Too easy of a life turns you into a soft, pampered, spoiled little faggot bitch and the baby boomers started this shit. Boomers never suffered. The last generation to know any real suffering was the WW2 generation, the “Greatest Generation”.