Most American Men Are Total Pussies

American men have no one to blame but themselves

Men who think they are entitled to marriage are even worse than dumb women cause if you have that mentality then you are obviously a beta-male and you are harming the human race by wanting to spread your genes through reproduction. I agree with feminism because it set women free so that women no longer have to marry worthless beta males or have their children. Thus the human race will become much stronger because only the top 5 percent of men will be breeding.

To keep the lower 90 percent of men in line, prostitution must be legalized or otherwise they will create social unrest, which is what happens in countries with a higher male to female population ratio. So no, you are not entitled to marriage but you are entitled to sex with a prostitute. So why isn’t prostitution legal in America? Because in the 1900s, a bunch of psychopathic christians preached against it, and preached against alcohol and drugs too. And alcohol, prostitution, drugs got banned in the decade of the 1910s.

Keeping American men in a state of constant sexual frustration works out well for the government because men are much easier to manipulate and control when they are in such a state. American men are stupid enough to join the military and go fight in pointless wars in shithole countries overseas and the root cause of their stupidity is their sexual frustration. Funny how in Thailand, the “land of smiles”, prostitution is legal and everyone is smiling? But American men are such pussies, they’ll continue to be against the legalization of prostitution and therefore nothing will change. Land of the free, indeed.