Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 1

Avoiding marriage

A shitload of western men, actually the majority of men, especially under the age of 40, are completely against the idea of ever getting legally married to a woman, mainly due to the anti-male divorce system that allows women to steal their ex-husband’s money and kids. Here are some of their comments, unedited:

And they wonder why men don’t get married.

How does any of what you said (even if it was true) justify having to pay $500K+ a year or face infinite prison time until you rot? Not even the worst criminals who rape and murder children get that kind of sentencing. Fuck his bitch ex wife and fuck people like you for actually justifying a piece of absolute shit like her. You people are the cancer of this world and the more of you that fuck off to mars the better.

Fun fact! After this divorce Dave Foley actually remarried! He’s now divorced from his second wife. Some men are unable to learn!

men might finally be starting to wake up. better late than never.

if it fly’s, floats or fornicates just rent it.

what a horrible cunt you are to treat your husband so horribly that he has to drink himself to death. How much of a raging psychotic asshole do you have to be to ruin another human being’s life like that? Out of pure unadulterated solipsistic rage and hate, you attacked him with the full force of the government behind you, and now the whole world sees how empty and vain and petty and completely without empathy you are. I had not realized that the “EVIL STEPMOTHER” trope is a trope because it is the norm!! Pound sand, i am far more inclined to listen to the side getting financially fucked to death and thrown in prison for the rest of his life for being unable to pay a STUPID CUNT, A BITCH money he doesn’t fucking have!!