Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 10

Marriage sucks

Even more men are giving their reasons for why they never want to get married to a western woman:

Guys, let’s get real: Dave’s issue is not nearly as serious as women who get “cat called” walking down the street. Men losing most of their money, going to jail, or even killing themselves because of the circumstances are not that big of problems compared to verbal harassment.

American women are fat pigs with skin problems, who want bitch like that, when you can have a slavic beauty or beautiful with nice body Asian? Go and fuck you fat american pig with hole big like volcano dumb twat.

Every man should be aware of what (((feminism))) has done to the American family.

Dave Foley is such a solid guy, I feel so bad for him and his kids. I hope that despite the horrible marriage he’s been through that the rest of his days now are happy and healthy and free. I grew up as a teenager watching Kids in the Hall, and then Newsradio, and always enjoyed his performances, and more than that he seems like such a genuine dude. All the best Dave and I hope things get better and better for you for all the days to come.

MGTOW is the only answer.

Just once I’d like to see the judge rule in favor of the guy in those amounts

60% of American marriages end in the woman getting bored and leaving for another man while robbing her cuck husband in divorce court. I made a vow that I will NEVER get robbed by a roastie. I think girls get turned off when you make it clear that they can never extort you. Fuck roasties.