Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 11

Marriage is dumb

More random men talking about why they hate marriage:

The judge in my case stated that because I had the “potential” to earn so much, I should continue to pay that much. Regardless of the fact it was her false allegations that got me fired from a job where I was earning that much. It’s incredible the lengths women go to when destroying someone’s life. They’ll literally take themselves down as well as long as they get you also.

The only time your wife is a fat pig is like 24 hours per her whole sad pathetic life. American women are fucking disguisting, I puke everytime I see some disguisting fucking American pig in McDonald.

Seek some real woman instead spending your life with some fat murica pig on a leash.

Holy crap! I live in Toronto, and now I’m afraid to even say hello to the women! That could be construed as a micro aggression of sexual frustration, leaving me as a creeper! No thanks…get your own coffee, and don’t talk to me.

I know that people in marriages are miserable. I’ve seen male members of my family get raped in divorce court. The true nature of modern women is on public display for all to see. How can I marry a creature that has zero agency

At this point just tell me what I owe and let me get on with MGTOW. My life has been happier with out the constant drag of a women who will never be satisfied and will only bring mess & drama to your life.