Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 12

more men speak

More guys talking about why they will never get married:

Men! Never get married never have children unless it’s with a surrogate if at all! MGTOW for life!

It’s probably more unstable to have false relationships with people in order to “stay together for the kids”. Every one of my friends has divorced parents. My parents divorced. The old model is dead. I think a lot of people bought the marriage meme and regretted their decision. A lot of people that probably started liking the person that would let them have sex with them regularly and never questioned if the person was actually good or if they were good. I’ve never had so much communication until I started being polyamorous. Not saying it’s for everyone. Just that there are plenty of people that unquestioningly join in monogamous relationships without wondering if they are happy.

It’s pretty strange how it’s mostly white and black marriages that end in divorce. The hispanics don’t have this problem and i always seem family together as a whole. Their kids aren’t as rebellious as white and black kids are towards their parents. The Hispanic women aren’t passive aggressive as white American women.

I’ve been here a long time and was married. Also not a participant in much of popular culture. It was really /pol/ that brain washed me for a little bit to believe that I needed to find this pure girl and start a family. Found this sweet country girl that was wholesome and conservative. Found out I really couldn’t handle it after dating her for two years. She didn’t understand memes or any of the weird dark shit that I enjoy. She kept trying to save me and convert me to Christianity. Sex was good but she wanted it to be gentle all the time. A lot of the wholesome ones are just normies. If I’m from an environment where monogamous relationships never worked then it’s baked into the cake. I don’t enjoy it. There are also plenty of others that agree. You are free to have what you want. Hopefully it works out for you. There are many people in relationships that also stay together and are too afraid or ashamed to leave. I think that’s a lot worse. Know a couple of families like that.