Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 13

Feminism sucks

A few more guys talking about why they don’t want to get married:

I wanted the same thing, married a trad wife, had 3 kids. Wife went back to school and was influenced by liberal arts people. She went from being a pro-Trump conservative Christian to a pot-smoking, atheist Leftist Feminist in under a year. She said that our two worldviews were too different for us to have any compatibility whatsoever. Every day she would start arguments about the “patriarchy” and “capitalists.” I say all that because so called “Trad women” are just one conversation away from spiraling into Marxist dogma. Western women are compromised, I’m sure there are a few good ones, but they are few and far between.

38, 2 kids, that attend private school, 4k sq.ft. 6 bedroom home, parlor, formal dining room, hot tub, 20k in landscaping, boat, car, camping family trips, so tempted to walk away from it all because the woman is a vile cunt just like the rest of them…. maybe i only attract pycho cunts? good luck, it’s everything i thought i wanted and she ruins it all. it all hinges on whether or not the woman you choose changes into a pycho after her chemical make-up changes during pregnancy. they change when they have kids…

I’m nearly 31 and don’t know what the fuck to do. I’m husband material, but basically any woman under 23 is too stupid to talk to, and I’m smart enough to not deal with 25 + year olds. Basically going to wait another decade to see if any of my peers who had kids early have any 20 year old kids that are raised right…tinder literally destroyed “dating” and it’s just like…40 something year old women happily married with 5+ kids looking for new dick just because they can. Kills you on the inside a bit