Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 2

more men talking

More comments from western men talking about why they are not interested in marriage:

This is why Canada is MGTOW central. Any man in the West is insane to get married with the current laws.

What isn’t apparent to all, is that Dave’s experience was an attack by evil , using that terrible woman. I guarantee he had many thoughts of suicide. This was the point.. to get him to do it. demons are real. Narcissists are vessels for them. I was attacked by a similar monster , who slowly killed a friend of mind .. i got that bitch good. :)

Men should organize and change the ‘family law’ and ‘probate & family courts’ of their states and countries.

This makes me feel better about being 36 with no kids, never married, etc. Dodged some bullets though. Jesus, amen.

35 no kids not married, and never doing that. I now realize how happy i am

Yeah I’m married dude dont do it fuck that it’s not worth it wish I could turn back time

Paying a woman an hourly fee is a lot cheaper in the long run, lads. remember that.

That’s why I think prostitution should be legal. At least a hooker tells you the price up front.

I don’t know if it’s original, but a somewhat famous Australian guy once said something along the lines of “don’t get married, just find someone you hate and give them a house.”

hooker 50$ to 250$ girl friend 1,000$ to 10,000% wife 50,000$ to 100 Million Dollar