Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 3

MGTOW truth

Even MORE comments from western men talking about why they are not interested in marriage:

I have probably put $60K into my divorce this far and still not done. At a $300 price point you can easily have sex with model quality women. No joke no lie. In hindsight, It would have been much much cheaper and better for me to have done that every other couple of weeks than to have gotten married.

The amount of money you would spent at a bar or courting a girl out. I’m telling you the ones that pay for themselves are a slim minority. Getting a hooker for. 150 dollars for 30 minutes is actually cheaper

Government enforcement of prostitution laws are about as illegitimate as the shitty laws being enforced in the family courts.. “Love”, children and sex should have very little if anything to with government intrusion.

Paying a woman an hourly fee is a lot cheaper in the short run also.

Why cant women just get their own money/jobs??…

And hookers are way more fun.

It is, but I am scared of getting caught up in some sting operation and becoming a sex offender or something. I wish it was just legal to pay for sex. They could make an app like tinder where guys like me with money in our 30s can bang college girls for cash. Everyone wins (except the college guys I guess).

Prostitution is far better than dating or wasting time on relationships. Marriage and relationships are a joke.