Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 4

Don't marry

Men talking about why they don’t want to get married in the West:

robin williams killed himself due to his alimony, same story as dave foley. He had the same experience as Dave, and incredibly horrible judge, taking extreme amounts of his money making his life miserable, his ex benefitting for millions. Threats of jail.

Unfortunately that won’t get him off of the CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT obligation. The children would be taken away from him and put into some foster home, and then the courts would still keep coming after him for the missed child support payments, even with a dead ex-wife. CANADA SUCKS !

After viewing most of this article/video,
… I realized something profound,
… I’ve just wittnessed the death of MARRIAGE.
… At least in Canada.
Joe R. is one hundred percent correct …
Don’t marry a Canadian Woman.
It’s best, just to stay away from them.

I live in Canada and I HATE our laws regarding family law… death sentence for a man.

Unfortunately Dave Foley is not exaggerating about the suicide threats of his ex-wife. A borderline has severe abandonment issues and the threat of suicide is a way for the borderline to manipulate a decent and caring person into not leaving them. How do I know this? I “escaped” from my ex-wife in spite of a couple of years of suicide threats if I ever left her. I’m convinced the only reason she didn’t follow through with them was because when I made the decision to leave the marriage I called her mother and told her about the threats and put the responsibility of her daughter’s life on her. It was the best move I’ve ever made and I live a life that’s happy and free now (we didn’t have children and my ex has been completely out of my life for years now). I’m happy that Dave was also able to escape his miserable marriage also. I strongly urge all people (especially men, because statistically there are many more women who are borderlines) to avoid relationships with borderlines as well as all other cluster B personality disorders.