Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 5

more men MGTOWing

Even more men are saying they want to go MGTOW and never get married:

my ex wife always told me she would kill herself (very bipolar) if we split, i finally just left, but it was blackmail and very destructive. I tried to help her but she had major issues. i can’t believe the law protects woman like daves wife, very sad, with hollywood types money changes dramatically based on if employed, but the child care law doesnt care

All women are essentially borderline. For some it’s just a certain time of the month but for many others it’s all the time. The women that your mother (assuming she was a good person) was, is LONG DEAD. Women today are simply not worth it.


These are the reasons why companies like “David’s Bridal and Toys R Us” are going under. Men are opting out of this marriage and child bearing rigged game.

all women are like this, to an exent. And there shouldn’t be female judges

Dude there shouldn’t be female voters

I agree. The 19th Amendment was a huge mistake

Women shouldn’t be voting, or working in any form of government that allows them to create or impact policy. The ability to think rationally is outside of their capacity.

And here I sit, 38 yro, not one grey hair, looking and feeling pretty freakin’ good :D
Not married, never was, prob never will :)

You do realize marriage ain’t shit. Its the kids. You don’t have to be married to have to pay child support. And before you think you will share residence, most courts don’t like doing it and won’t, and guess who gets awarded custody most often….it ain’t the dude.