Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 7


The number of men who are fed up with feminism and with the anti-male divorce system is pretty much infinite. Here’s even MORE comments:

Not even that. Some people who have PROVEN through a DNA test that they are not the parent still find themselves compelled by Canadian courts to pay child support. It’s so completely wrong to destroy one person’s rights to the benefit of another.

The Canadian family court system is a frigging joke. It has only one purpose. To extort cash from men so these THOT’s dont have to draw money from the system.

Why hasn’t anybody overthrown the feminazi government in Canada? White Canadian men Are Cucks. The chemotherapy Divorce put them through sometimes Red pills them But ive met a 6 time divorcy who WAS a Millionaire but now living in a dump with cancer and 5 alimony receivers.

And women say there isn’t equality. Oh wait they are right men are not treated equally.

If you want to have children but don’t want to get married, then hire a surrogate mother from either Thailand, Russia, or Ukraine, and for $50,000 you’ve got the child you wanted.

nice sentiment, but in canada it doesnt matter, living common law is exactly the same as marriage in the eyes of the courts

i think that even does not matter, if you live with her or even be in long relationship by canadian law you still have to pay alimoney, only solution is no marriage, no kids, no long relationships…