Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 8

Men are fed up

Here is even more comments from various men talking about why they are completely against the idea of getting legally married in the West:

Pre nups are routinely thrown out in court. Especially so if the man enjoyed significant financial gain during the marriage.

True story in canaduh….
I made 100g
Had to pay 1600 a month
Destroyed my knee on disability
Earned 30g still told to pay 1600
Took me 3 years to fix.

Here is a very good example of why you shouldn’t get married. The moment you say I do say goodbye to half your shit. Then if there are children involved you are locked in for another 20 years or so. I, personally, don’t need the churchs blessing or the governments sanction to prove my love to anyone. It’s nothing but a total scam.

Why get married anyway, you really want the government in your relationship and in your wallets?

My ex and Dave’s ex “park in the same lot” so to speak. 11 years though. We had one kid but I separated from her 20 months in. The divorce lasted longer than the actual marriage, taking almost 3 years to finalize. Started watching this for the News Radio nostalgia, great cast even with Andy Dick and his antics. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get married again and kudos to Dave for taking the second plunge, sorry that didn’t work out either but I hear the second one lacked the psychosis and was amicable for the most part.