Most Western Men Are Not Interested in Marriage Anymore Part 9

Men are tired

More men talking about avoiding marriage, part 9:

Don’t seek validation from a woman or child, you are only seeking acceptance. If you force it 99% of the time she’ll eventually leave you for chad or bbc if she sees any sort of weakness. Go foreign, do not try to get with Americanized women

Getting married is Suicide. I think there should be a Marriage survival month or recognition for men. given the circumstances and statistics.

I found that the hard way. I was with my wife 14 years. I really loved her. I still fall into old habits and feel like I still do. It’s a hard habit to break. I genuinely thought I found a good one. One day her personality does a 180*, I’m a rat bastard, everything I’ve ever said is used against me, every joke or sarcastic statement she’s laughed at is now taken seriously and blown out of proportion, tells everyone I beat her and drives off all the friends and acquaintances we ever had, and takes off

American women fucking suck who would want to be stuck next to this trash scum for 40+ years? Think of that you cucked faggot

This will never change. People aren’t talking about this and when someone does they’re lumped in with bitter MRAs and completely shut down. You’ve got politicians parroting discounted wage gap statistics but none breeching this. Women are the majority of the population and the majority of voters. unless you remove women’s voting rights they will never cede the ability to rape men for money.