Most White Women are Gay

White women gay

Most young women have had multiple homosexual experiences/relationships and prefer it do having to put up with you. Asian girls are better tho and if you go after white girls you’re a literal cuck. Personally I’m going to go to Thailand soon and get myself a trad wife. Enjoy white women, losers. White women hate to cook and clean and they hate being a housewife whereas Thai women love it. Thai is the best choice if you aren’t a cuck. Slavic women are huge gold diggers and aren’t family oriented at all. They’ll back stab you the first chance they got. Why would we want white women as GFs? we pump and dump theyre slutty ass. Have fun taking care of our little bastards when you marry the used whores, LMFAO. What’s wrong with saving some poor Thai girl from a miserable life and giving her a decent and happy life if I can? To all you guys who hate asian women and would rather go for white women?

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