Never Love a Woman, Pimp Her Instead

pimpin aint easy

This is copied from 4chan, I did not write this. I am just reposting it here for educational purposes only.

For My Niggas…

This is an introduction into the pimppill and an explanation as to why you honkies may want to adopt the pimp mindset.

1. Women are parasites whose only goal is to manipulate you, they don’t have real emotions and consequently you have no obligation towards them. Pimps are well aware that bitches have no interest in you other than as a means to an end. As I’ve said elsewhere women want a few things in life namely a father, a mate and a dream. This is all very obvious but how it factors into pimpin a bitch out isn’t so obvious. This will be touched upon again later.

Now back on track, women don’t care about you, your hopes or dreams, your past present or future and they can’t even comprehend any of your emotions. The closest a bitch ever comes to emotion is an animal sense of disappointment when she realizes shes now incapable of having children, but even this isn’t a particularly hard blow for some bitches. You owe absolutely nothing to a bitch, not even your mother, cuz your mammy got what she wanted outta the deal of havin you. You don’t owe any woman anything. Bitches owe you, bitches owe everything they have to the hard physical and mental work of men, western infrastructure exists because of men not bitches and don’t pull that whole ‘’loving mother’’ bullshit on a nigga, because all a bitch ever wants is to get fucked, she didn’t have your ass cuz she loved you, she had you cuz she wanted to entrap your daddy. Bitches are like the toxoplasmosis worm that gets in your head through cats, they fuck your head to secure their own existence and not even for their material gain. They do it because they’re desperate to mate, why they’re desperate to fuck is a mystery and frankly who gives a fuck its enough to acknowledge the fact for our purposes. Bottom line, fuck bitches and hos use em as they use you, act on a level playin field, be the player not the sucker. Ride the shekel my niggas.

2. Pimping is the only realistic way to deal with bitches. Since bitches only look at you as a tool to use for their own ends why the fuck would you wanna deal with em? Well if you can’t manipulate them to your own ends you’d be wise to write them off entirely, but I offer you my /pol/ack niggas a new solution: PIMPIN. Your average /pol/ack like me is broke right? Theres absolutely no reason for us to not manipulate these broken bitches into makin us money. It’d be foolish to pass up the opportunity. Just do the math, you get a decent lookin ho who can make you $100 an hr and force her to work 10 hrs a day you got 1 grand my niggles! Hows that for riding the tiger? Get 3 or 4 hos you got a $1,000,000+ a year. Its the ultimate way to get back at bitches, jigaboos and kikes. You can use this massive income to buy up apartment buildings and gentrify neighborhoods! Just think of it /pol/, cleanin up your cities one block at a time.

3. A lotta bitches are desperate for father figures and this, my sweetie squadmates we can provide. Now my /pol/ack honkies aren’t the best at gettin a bitch to drop trou with their smooth words, you’re not gonna get a 10/10 instuhgwamz thot right off the bat, but a lot of us on here are pretty well mannered, friendly white boys who can make a girl from a broken family feel at ease, feel comfortable in her own skin. Especially if you don’t scare her off with cries off DUHGENERASEE when she tells you she was a party girl and feels unloved. Ignore every urge within you to bust a cap in her ass and leave her corpse for Jyrell and him boyz to rape in an alley. You must begin the grooming process to turn her into a hard working ho. This will be easy if you make her feel as though you’re her father, take care of her problems, move her in with you, dress her, feed her, don’t allow her to make any decisions on her own and make her feel helpless on her own. Completely undermine any bit of self confidence she may have left.

4. Morality is futile and has gotten our movement nowhere. Moral restrictions to curb ’’degenerate’’ behavior serve only our enemies. Restricting ourselves in war is suicide and will lead to our eventual extinction. We cannot afford to abandon sources of power in our time of crisis. Additionally you don’t have to debase yourself to take advantage of degenerates, do you have to inject krokodil into your veins just because you deal it? No. The people who pay for sex are going to get it from another source if you don’t provide it at any rate, theres too much money in the sex market and there are too many providers. The people who currently benefit from the sex industry are whores, niggers and kikes and this works to our detriment. Theres absolutely no reason for us not to corner the sex market and then use this new influx of wealth to fire off a white nationalist resurgence.

5. Profit??? Yeah thats basically it my niggles, if you wanna know more about why you should become a pimp or have any philsophical or moral issues with pimpin or hoin lemme know but basically MAKE MONEY GET PAID. Theres really nothin stopping us from doing this as a collective effort and making potentially billions of dollars. I mean we could turn the tables on the jews with just 100 /pol/acks makin a million a year.