Never Marry White Women Because They Will Destroy Your Life

women niggers

The three white women i’ve dated have all been terrible people. The one arab and two asian women i’ve dated have been understanding, caring people. I am 56 year old MGTOW. I never married and never would. But as a man I have the urge to have sex so I found a group of like minded women that love their independence, but also love being held and fucked by a man. MGTOW with FWBs is the ultimate path. Just no matter what you do, never, ever get a woman pregnant.

Honestly with how my past relationship went and how women generally are especially white women since they are put on a pedestal i’m probably just gonna go pretend to be gay and fuck retarded leftie men and traps in the ass and maybe give them a redpill before i leave to shame them once more. MGTOW is a reaction to the jewish social system we have in place in the west today. It aims to destroy the man financially and socially. If you want to have kids, you need to find a woman who’s young and you need to be wealthy already. If you do it any other way you’ll get raped in divorce court and you’ll be left with no money and paying child support.

But what if the woman goes crazy at some point, and just acuses you of getting her pregnant? if you’re just FWBs she could be fucking any amount of men on a daily basis and just picking you out of the lot to accuse you of being the father. Unless all you did was anal, but even then how would you prove it. Are DNA tests that reliable to trust them with your life savings and freedom? At the very least they can extort you with some abortion money just to get something you of you. Given that marriage rates are now, officially, the lowest in the history of Western Civilization, we may safely consider the MGTOW issue to be the norm, not the exception. The only idiots accusing MGTOW of being D&C would be the (((divorce lawyers))) that are going bankrupt from lack of clients, or the glowfags trying to honeypot e.g turd flinging snitchy and his ilk.

If I get divorced, I have to pay her attorneys fees.
Then I pay the settlement.
Then I pay my own attorney.
Then I lose my assets as liquidated for previous settlement.
If I have kids, add that to the settlement bill till they are 18, or turn 16 and decide they want to live with me.
The child support amount will be a percentage of my at-the-time income. If I have to downgrade professions, get injured and can’t work whelp I go into debt, if I still have an employer they garnish my wages, my employer fires me for being a negative influence on the company (They don’t like the extra financial steps required to garnish, so firing you is easier). If this all goes south enough, I go to jail for not having enough money because I couldn’t work because I didn’t have enough money.
If I have kids, I see them infrequently. Most likely, honestly never or only on weekends. I’ll spend 18 years paying for them, walking a financial tightrope wearing a noose, and they will probably hate me.

No Jewish tricks needed. All I had to do was watch what my mom did to my dad, who I deeply loved and haven’t seen since I was 8. We used to ride dirt bikes, BMX, go to races, for some “reason” there were always nude mags in the tree house I built, taught me to read at 4. All taken from me by the courts, not Jews. Judges, not lawyers.