Never Worship Women


True freedom and happiness comes when you stop validating women and giving a shit what they think. I got called an incel online literally one day after plowing some dumb slut. Using her as a sex toy did not change my views, only a loving relationship has the potential to do so. Fucked a hot leftist bitch over the course of the last year. She knew from day one I’m “conservative” because I can’t hide this. I can hide my true ideolpgy though. Fucking slit rode my dick so amazing I guess leftist Sven didn’t satisfy her.

Anyway, what are women going to contribute to the new world war when it starts? They’ll post on twitter cackling about how they’re cheating on their enlisted bfs receiving hundreds of likes and “Yass qween” replies. National Coalition for Men (so-called MRA group) successfully had selective service declared unconstitutional because it excludes women. The ruling is being appealed, but it’s probably going to be upheld. Also, the Senate version of 2016’s military spending bill had a provision making women have to sign up with selective service, but the provision was removed before the final version. Women might have to go die for Israel. If you’ve ever been in the military you’d know women get pregnant before deployment to get out of work. So no women will be dying for Israel sadly…we’ll just be getting more mutt babies born to fat single mothers, which is worse. The zoomer bitches will be taking my fat greasy cock up their ass, living in their apartment and driving their car as their zoomer boyfriends and husbands get their legs blown off for Goldstein, all the while they’ll be day dreaming about the day they come home to just to see my fat ass laying on their couch watching reruns of the Sopranos in my underwear.