NieR:Automata is Another Overrated Square Enix Game


This is an amazing game with nice story and it is worth playing, however, the PC port is bad and has many addressed issues that need to be fixed but the it seems the developer has ignored releasing updates for this game on PC. If you want to play this game I recommend playing it on consoles. Two years since release, and Square Enix refuses to allocate the resources to fix the port. Even with the fan-made fixes, there are still numerous issues present within the game. How many more millions must the game sell before it’s fixed?

Want the “Definitive Edition” that runs the best? Get the Xbox One X version of the game, which I also have – I own a copy on each platform of release, it’s one of my favorite games. Even then, there’s still a few slowdowns, but at least I can just pop it in and play without having to jump through hoops with the PC version. While the gameplay and story were spectacular, the PC port was so horrible, that the game is literally unplayable without mods. They could’ve fixed the issues in a couple updates, but instead, they released it, took the money and ran away.
Also, 21:9 in this game is pure cancer.

This game IS A FANTASTIC experience… on a console. On PC you’re likely to experience very frequent crashes even with a beefy RTX 2070 super and I7 7700K. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to get around a crash in a specific story chapter to no avail. Don’t make my mistake, go enjoy the game on a PS4 or something. The better graphics and frame rates aren’t worth literally not being able to play the game.