Nioh is a Dark Souls Clone but Fun


I’m a great fan of soulsborne games and most importantly samurai games. What should I know before getting it on the store? It plays exactly like a souls game despite what retards want to believe except with a ton of unnecessary systems tacked on for some reason that you can mostly ignore.

+Better gameplay
- Worse everything else, from music, to enemies, to bosses, to atmosphere, to music, to exploration, etc.
+/- Diablo loot.

The real game only starts on NG++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and everything before that is a tutorial. It’s a game with a ton of build variety oh by the way you’re supposed to one hit everything by spamming the same move so you don’t die instantly. It’s Soulslike elements are quite minor in the grand scheme of things. Its more like a hybrid between Ninja Gaiden, Souls and Diablo. Build autism only matters in NG++ or something like that. People shit on the levels and music but they are both really good. It brushes the line of kino but some really awful design decisions hold it back like the armor and blacksmith system being tedious garbage, also how it’s mission based instead of one giant mostly seamless world like Dark Souls 1. Better overall than Sekiro autism I can tell you that much. If you made it through to the end, saw the credits and completed the epilogue then you have absolutely beaten the game; don’t let any else make you think differently. That said, unlike Soulsborne there is some incentive to keep playing through the various New Game difficulties, should you wish.