No Hymen No Diamond

MGTOW forever

The usual phrase is “man up”, which you’ll never hear used to mean “find a virtuous woman and support a family”, only things like “support my aging loneliness and three bastard kids by different men”.

“Man up” is always a call to act against your own interests, and should be immediately laughed at and called out for what it is.

Any woman or man telling you to “man up” is your fucking enemy who wants to use you as a slave. Have respect for yourself. Cut off all contact with anyone who wants to treat you like you are a disposable slave. Only hang around men who are smart, MGTOW, antifeminist men. Avoid cucked men who are pro-feminism and pro-cultural Marxism.

Women peak at around 18. They slowly deteriorate from then, and rocket vertically downwards the moment they hop on the cock carousel.

If the roles were reversed, it would be like the boy who got the 10 million started spending his money on crack whores the moment he turns 18, starting with giving nine million of it to the first one. He would be worthless at 26, like most women.

Boys have to work for decades to be as useful as a husband in a traditional role, as in, woman raises kids and keeps a fine home, replete with hot meals, even hotter sex, and knowing when to keep her mouth shut. (and open.)

No hymen no diamond has pissed off so many women irl tbh. Another good troll campaign which has triggered women and cucks.