No One Can Even Afford a PS5


And the funny thing is, the weebs won’t be bailing them out this time when it does get released. Just means they’ll downgrade the system in other ways. Cheaper plastic casing, maybe cut out features, etc. Despite the slow start the PS3 had with it’s ridiculous price, weeb games kept the PS3 from going broke. It kept PSvita as a zombie, and certainly there were far more weeb games in PS4 than other consoles, being catered to japan. Now that Sony moved to san fran although they are not in europe I think? and they are censor happy to cater to the west, there are less and less weeb games in PS4, they either moved to PC or switch.

Sony has deep enough pockets to cover these kinds of expenses though, it will not slow them down. Who is Playstation even marketed toward anymore? They are just making it into an Xbox clone now. I don’t see the problem here. They sold the PS4 at a loss too. It’s a long term plan. Also Sony is still the main platform for JP games. The Switch is still a competitor but the PS4 is the dominate JP platform in Japan. Even the Vita is still getting games. For weebs in the west though, they’ll still be on PC and Switch most likely. That seems to be where the audience is at now. No doubt about that. The PS4 had to take games from the Vita 24/7 to have any sort of library. The PS5 would probably sell a bunch if they said the online was free. Of course, there’s nothing stopping them from changing it back 2 years later. I can’t imagine how much money they get from PSN alone. They already make you pay one for game internet access and “free games” every month. What makes you think they won’t do it like nintendo and charge for them? Remember to hold out for the PRO model, and when that arrives two years later, hold out for the ULTRA model even if it never happens.