Ocasio-Cortez is a Typical Feminist

Always blame men

60% of men in America no longer feel comfortable associating with women due to the massive number of false rape accusations and false accusations of sexual harassment. What is the average American woman’s response? “You’re all just a bunch of insecure little manchildren!”

LOL, fuck off you dumb bitches. Men are getting smarter and you aren’t going to extort money from us anymore through divorce or false accusations. Most American men refuse to get married and just pump and dump sluts or bang prostitutes. Anyway here are some of the responses to AOC’s man-bashing tweet:

-I haven’t worked along side any women in years…I’ve never been happier

-The problem isn’t anything other than what constitutes harassment is a seemingly endlessly moving target. Who is willing to risk their career and possibly jail for dinner with a colleague? Why bother risking it?

-yes 60% of male managers are “creeps”. It can’t be that they are protecting themselves, EVEN KEANU IS SCARED

-No, it’s risky, when one point of a finger can destroy a man’s livelihood and career, with no proof whatsoever.

-Labeling people instantly as creepy doesn’t help. What if they are good people who are being cautious? I actually saw a Me Too billboard for a law firm recently. If you see a sign like that, hell someone might reconsider mentoring.

-You made your “me too” beds…. This is what you get. Now men are scared to say hi or good morning.

-The left has been driving hysterical reactions from a small group of women, who are falsely accusing supervisors of harassment. This means even a person who has correct behavior can become extremely scared, and avoid exchanges with women. Ocasio is too biased to understand.

The only women you can trust anymore are prostitutes. A prostitute doesn’t play games. You pay her, you fuck her, and you leave. A prostitute won’t file a false rape accusation against you. If she did, then she would end up destroying herself financially since no men would dare want to hire her services out of fear she might accuse them too.