Ojamajo Doremi is a Good Anime

Nice show

Just finished season 1. Now I understand why this show is so highly recommended. The last few episodes in particular were really outstanding. The first season is actually the least good Doremi season. The rest look a lot better and have higher budget. The first season has the most soul in it and it managed to teach me the greatness of anime for little girls. I have noticed some instances of serious QUALITY here and there, but I don’t mind that. You’re right about it having a lot of soul. The main cast all feel so real and their personalities are so wonderful. I’m really looking forward to season 2, but I think I’ll just enjoy the emotional impact of that ending for today.

Obviously the setting is utterly implausible and most of their daily activities are exaggerated for comedic effect. If we’re being cynical, the whole show only exists to sell overpriced plastic toys. Despite all of that, the writing of the characters was good enough to make me suspend my disbelief. It’s a far more impressive achievement than a generic non-magical SOL show doing the same. I like it when they start to shorten the transformation scenes. Saves time and they’re even more of a delight to watch than the individual ones. This is my favourite transformation song too. By the way, the episode I got this one from, episode 15 from Sharp, is one of the tear-jerking ones. It’s the Mother’s Day episode.