Older Men Can Easily Get Younger 18 or 20 Year Old Girls

old and young

I knew all those years of listening to you complain about chad cheating on you woud pay off! But seriously, think about it. How many times in our younger days, as younger men, would women our own age talk about how some alpha chad older man cheated on them?

Now the roles reverse, I make more money and 20 year old girls start wanting me. But after age 30, you stop taking women seriously and thus you can never get cucked by those younger women, rather you are the one in control, you are simply using them for sex then dumping them.

Life gets much better after age 30 for men. By that point, you are making good money, you’re more mentally stable, you have more confidence, and you can easily get the same hot 18 or 20 year old chicks. And the cycle repeats itself. You pump and dump those young sluts, they whine to their 18 year old male friends about how some alpha chad older guy (YOU) cheated on them, used them for sex, then dumped them.

This is how it should be. Older men deserve younger women. It’s not fair but it’s the natural way of things. So if you’re a man under age 30, hang in there, life gets MUCH better after age 30, I can promise you that. I guess the raging hormones of youth get calmer, and thus you can think clearly, making you more mature and confident, and thus able to easily pull 18 year old chicks.