Only 1% of Indian Engineers can Write Computer Coding that Works

Indians are scum

Out of the millions of indians who graduate from engineering colleges, only only 1.4 per cent can write functionally correct and efficient code. It has come out that Boeing hired 9 dollar an hour indian computer programmers to write code for their airplanes. And then there was two huge crashes by Boeing airplanes which has destroyed the company and no one feels safe to fly on a Boeing airplane anymore. Is it a coincidence? But what else can you expect from a country where 50% of it’s population shits outdoors?

Anyway even indian news sites admit this fact, that indian computer programmers cannot write code and that literally only 1.4 percent of them can write code that works. Here’s some quotes from the article titled “95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs: Report”, google it if you want to see the source article:

Talent shortage is acute in the IT and data science ecosystem in India with a survey claiming that 95 per cent of engineers in the country are not fit to take up software development jobs.

According to a study by employability assessment company Aspiring Minds, only 4.77 per cent candidates can write the correct logic for a programme — a minimum requirement for any programming job.

Over 36,000 engineering students form IT related branches of over 500 colleges took Automata — a Machine Learning based assessment of software development skills — and over 2/3 could not even write code that compiles.

The study further noted that while more than 60 per cent candidates cannot even write code that compiles, only 1.4 per cent can write functionally correct and efficient code.

“Lack of programming skills is adversely impacting the IT and data science ecosystem in India. The world is moving towards introducing programming to three-year-old! India needs to catch up,” Aspiring Minds CTO and Co-Founder Varun Aggarwal said.

NO, Varun. India needs to CATCH UP on using indoor toilets! Literally 50% of indians, that is 640 MILLION people, do not use indoor toilets and shit outdoors.