Overwatch is Too Linear and Forced-Role


>Forces you to play roles
>Forces you to play certain heroes
>Now has to force a new format onto the entire game to cover up the fact its dying and there aren’t enough players queuing in the game.

The absolute state of Overwatch.

Game was fun at launch. The need for “esports” does more damage than good. Overwatch has to be the epitome of appealing to the lowest common denominator in FPS games. Always felt sterile and, dare I say it, soulless to me when I played it in 4 hours and then dropped it 2 years ago. No one is saying Ovewatch is a high skill game, but just like in any game, there are right and wrong things to do. If you play the game this wrong, you can’t be surprised you get your ass kicked. Besides, combining two ults is going to result in a team wipe anyway, that’s the real dumbest thing in the game, not the fact that a tank being constantly healed doesn’t die instantly.

I bought the game with high hopes, thinking it’s normal that it’s not perfect at launch, but it will get better. But what happened was the exact opposite. They doubled down on things I considered boring bullshit, like the fact that you can shoot at people for days but no one dies until you ult because of tanks, shields and heals. At the same time, they slowly removed or nerfed all the fun stuff. It’s not the esports that fucked the game though, I wish people would stop repeating that meme. The game became increasingly casual if anything, to the point mechanical skill barely matters. That’s the opposite of what esports are about, the game was always clearly marketed towards casuals.