Pajeet, my Son. You Must Poo in Loo!

Is using indoor toilets really that hard?

India is a hilarious country which has spawned a million memes. One time I created a fake Facebook profile with a white woman’s picture as my profile picture, and within 24 hours I had gotten literally 3000 friend requests from Indian men. It was really pretty crazy, actually.

Don’t get me wrong, I think indian women are the most beautiful women on this earth. But the men of India are pretty fucking creepy at times and engage in really weird passive aggressive behavior, especially around white men. It’s pretty obvious that indian men feel themselves inferior to white men. inb4 some rando indian man sends a message saying “U SAYING WAT U SON OF BASTERD BICH?”

India is one big Bollywood dance party where guys go take a shit in a field or a beach or a railroad tracks and while taking a shit in public they use their cheap smartphone to send messages to white women begging for bobs and vegana pics. At least they got Hitler ice cream though.

Anyway, the cool thing is that when indian women move to the West, they pretty much always date white guys. When women are given freedom, they will always flock to the best men. All those nerdy indian IT guys who move to a Western country for work, their daughters (and possibly wives) are banging white men while he’s at work. Meanwhile the only white girls who want indian men are mentally ill white women who have a fetish for brown benis. I guess indian men can just waltz up to a white girl and say “Hi. I am from India” and it will knock her damn socks off.

Disclaimer: No indian butthurts were harmed in the making of this article. If you are an indian and are offended by this, then you need to lighten the fuck up and learn to get a sense of humor.