Pathetic Idiotic Women Who Got Scammed by Feminism

idiotic women

Remember guys have your shit together because at their Advanced age they’re ready to settle down and they mean business. You better have a good job, viable sperm, and ready to give her everything she wants she’s tired of the miles of dicks and is ready to settle down.

For the uninitiated these women all:
- Live in the Manhattan area.
-Want children despite their Advanced age.
- Have profile key words such as “partner in crime”, " have your shit together", “Wine”, foodie etc..

Despite having degrees sometimes advanced they never actually have impressive jobs. The saddest part is that they find out the man’s world they broke into is nothing more than 30 years of sitting in a cubicle. Now all of a sudden realized too late that true fulfillment would have been being a mother.

As I’ve always said in these threads I hold no malice towards these women they are truly victims of propaganda and you should see them that way as well.

As always please warn your sisters, friends, daughters and any young woman whose life you’re apart of about the dangers of feminism and the misguided Road it could Lead You Down. And please help young men realize this as well, teach them to choose their women wisely and not to promote this Perpetual Behavior in wemon.

Good luck and Godspeed. And no, I do not feel any pity for these bitches because these are the same cunts who will divorce-rape their beta male husband and drive him to suicide by kidnapping his children from him and denying him any custody or contact with his own children. Only retarded cucks marry western women anymore. So in that sense, the women are doing a good thing by destroying them. Sink or swim, baby!!! Sink or swim!!