Pathfinder is a Very Good Isometric RPG


Pathfinder is basically a spin-off of D&D 3.5 Edition rules made by the company Paizo Publishing, and is set on the fantasy world called “Golarion”. In 2018, a based slav studio called Owlcat Games made Pathfinder: Kingmaker, where you play as a person who inherits a wild land that you must civilize and protect from rivals and monsters. It mainly functions as an isometric party-based RPG, with some strategic management elements viewed from a world map.

What is Wrath of the Righteous?

The campaign setting of the new game, which takes place near/inside the borders of the “World Wound”, an area on northern Golarion where part of the Chaotic Evil plane known as The Abyss had merged with the material plane; and demons began to spill-out and fuck things up. There are magic pillars that create a magic barrier to keep the demons contained, but some of them break and this leads to a worldwide crisis. You play as a character who becomes a general of an army sent to slay the demons and rebuild the pillars, and you have to complete quests with your party members, while also managing the crusader armies on a world map and dealing with different leaders and officials in order to boost your economy/power. You’re not limited to being a “good” or “lawful” character either. For example, many Lawful Evil factions such as the Hell Knights hate the demons also for being chaotic nihilists who just want to destroy everything, whereas the Hell Knights would rather have some plebs/lands to rule-over. You can also just play as a Chaotic Neutral person who’s in it for the valuable artifacts and loot. Pathfinder rules make your character very customizable, even letting you mix like 5 or 6 different classes if you want; and now there is a new edition called “Mythic Paths”.