Paying Money for Sex is True Freedom

MGTOW + Escorts

Once you realize that you can just buy sex instead of chasing women, your mind becomes extremely peaceful. 90% of men’s anxieties comes from trying to get women to have sex. The true redpill, the true way to free men’s minds, is to free them from the tyranny of women’s sexual preferences and choices. “Oh man, what if I can’t find a girlfriend, or what if I can’t find a girl to hookup with on Tinder tonight, etc”. The solution is to simply buy sex. And now with the internet, and sites like, getting cheap affordable high-quality prostitutes has never been easier. They are all verified. Obviously they aren’t undercover cops cause if they were, they would destroy their online reputation and thus their business.

Generally the whole undercover prostitution busts only happens with street-walkers, whom you should always avoid. Escort agencies and independent escorts are running a business and can thus be verified. They will also expect you to be able to be verified too, for their own safety. Aside from that, you can see the quality of prostitutes on that site. You can get pretty hot chicks like for 100 or 150 dollars for 30 minutes, which is a pretty good price for America. Of course in Asia or Tijuana or Europe, it’s like 20 to 40 dollars per hour.

You want to have sex tonight? Don’t waste time trying to find a girl on Tinder (most are fat and ugly) or wasting time going to some bar or club. Just invite a prostitute over. A prostitute is pretty much the same price as a normal girl and much hotter anyway. The 100 dollars you’d pay to the prostitute is the same amount of money you’d spend going to some bar or club. In short, prostitution liberates men and gives MEN the option of sexual choice. Men can choose WHEN and with WHO they want to fuck.