People Who Take Welfare from the Government are Scum

Welfare parasites

If you are too stupid to survive without government help, then you don’t deserve to exist. You literally deserve to starve to death, you fucking parasite. Fuck everyone who is on welfare, food stamps, disability, and social security (that includes you, boomers). FUCK SOCIALISM!!!

Webster’s describes ‘recipient’ as someone who receives….well, the low-life’s on food stamps take all they can, I can’t stand to see them coming. I deal with these sickening, nasty people on a daily basis and I feel the ‘nice folks’ at DHS need to work my end of the counter to see the rampant misuse of MY tax dollars. Here’s the typical routine….buy several fountain drinks, king size candy bars, beef jerky and bag of hot cheese puffs and pick up several hot items while they are at it (that they know are not eligible with their stamps) then whip out the food stamp card. Once that is complete, Mr or Ms Trash will pull out a $100 bill for a pack of cigarettes and lottery tickets. As they exit, they insist on a bag for their junk & leave in a brand-new car loaded with gangster accessories. Nice to see my hard-earned hourly pay walking out the door in designer clothes that barely cover their fat asses while they run their mouth on a cell phone. Many years ago, after having a baby, I was out of work for 3 months & needed help. After applying at the local DHS, I was told in person that I did not qualify for ANYTHING! The reason? To quote the worker “Did you know you made more money last quarter than most of make here in 2 quarters?” When I looked up, there was an audience of social workers looking at me through a window….they made me feel like I did something wrong & I should be ashamed for even applying. So I guess if I was unemployed, trashy and had 5 kids with no man, maybe I would have qualified. I just don’t get it. I’m a tax paying citizen, been working for 27 yrs, I think if I need some assistance, it should be available to me. I have paid more than enough to the inadequate system this State has in place. Again, I really think that social workers, along with law-makers, need to work the opposite end of the spectrum to see what really happens out there with our tax money…its a real eye-opener. The misuse of assistance funds is rampant and something needs to be done about it.

I’m really getting tired of listening to people on the dole complain about how little money they, get, that they only get it once a month, and how crappy their attached health insurance is. In the face of all of this, you’d think they would get fed up enough to take some steps to change their lives. Uh uh. They do absolutely nothing (moan it’s REALLY difficult! I can’t because_____!(insert lame excuse here)). My theory is that the goal of the public assistance programs is to drain every ounce of motivation out of it’s recipients by not allowing them to go to school or even get a part time job. The result? There they are, stuck in the hamster wheel of being chronically broke and not going to the doctor due to so little being covered on the shitty free care plan. Never mind that dental is not covered, so if you break a tooth you’re up a creek. It sucks that our tax dollars are going to these less than mediocre set ups. I feel bad for folks in these situations but at the same time I get so pissed off because I see the festering sense of entitlement and learned helplessness from those who ARE in fact capable of working. AGH! Get a job, you lazy parasites!

My husband and I just bought a duplex in the Columbus (OH) ghetto, planning to build equity so we can have money when we are old. We inherited from the previous owners tenants on welfare (and most of the people in the neighborhood are as well). Being libertarians, taking money from the government for these people’s rent rubbed us the wrong way, but we didn’t really want to kick them out out of their housing…BAD DECISION. These people are FUCKING IDIOTS. Everyone in the goddamn neighborhood is a fucking idiot. In the back of my mind, I always felt a little sympathy for these folks on welfare — wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, believed the liberal hype that it really is hard for them to get out of it but they’re trying…CHICKENSHIT! Every goddamn one of them is able to get a job and work if they wanted to — all damn day, the porches of our neighborhood are FULL of fat (but able-bodied) bitches of all ethnicities sitting there with their 10 kids (you know, planned parenthood gives out the pill for free — it is no accident), wearing clothes, eating food, and drinking Natty Light bought with MY tax dollars. Then, everyone dumps their frickin’ trash in our trash barrel because it’s the closest one to the people who don’t pay for trash removal. When it is full, do they walk 10 feet and dump it in our neighbor’s (empty) one? NO! They are so fucking lazy, they just keep piling it on and around our trash can. Our neighbors don’t even bother to walk it out to the can — they sit on their porch eating fried chicken and throw the bones and their trash over the fence into our yard so our puppy chokes on it. And somehow, they all have big screen (fucking HUGE) TVs and really nice cars. Our tenant and her leech boyfriend complained on a Monday night that their faucet was leaking so my husbund looked at it and told her he had to go buy a new one, so he’d put it in Wednesday morning (which he did). She muttered something about showing US, and complained to the fucking housing authority that we didn’t fix it it.

I am angry over welfare bums robbing me and my hard earned money! I live in an apartment building and one of my neighbors (husband, wife, new baby) are jobless and refuse to work. They have government assistants for their rent, food stamps for their groceries and medicaid for their healthcare. I get so pissed waking up every morning and going to work while that bum of a dad sleeps in under the roof my taxes provide and then gets his lazy butt up whenever he wants and eats food my tax dollars provide – name brand stuff of course – which I as a worker cannot afford!! When my husband and I get home after a very hard days work that lazy bum has the nerve to come out with bed head and ask us for a cigarette and a beer!! I gave him one yesterday. I went inside and put the butt of the cigarette in my nose and spit in the beer then brought them outside and gave them to him and watched with great pleasure him consume my pistivity. And of course when he is offered a job by someone feeling sorry for his family who sadly depend on him offers him a job he will gladly except (the job’s offered without drug test) but never show up for work! I think i have found a way to cut down government assistance by 3/4. Give all the recipients drug test! I know my husband and i along with millions of other hardworking people are subject to random testing at work, why can’t they be as well? If part of my insurance payment is for random drug testing for me, i would like to see the welfare part of my taxes used to drug test the ones living off our tax dollars. wouldn’t that be a hoot?!!

I work at a grocery store and I deal with these damn people every day. You can spot them when they come through the door. Fat, unwashed, tattooed, usually in pajamas, and 4 to 5 screaming kids under the age of 10. They load their carts with the most expensive steaks, ice cream, soda, popsicles, sugary cereal, ramen noodles, 10 pounds of lunch meat, never any fruit or vegetables. Then they add about 8 candy bars and a six pack of energy drinks while I’m ringing up their groceries. 9 out of 10 of them have a nasty attitude and a permanent scowl on their face and constantly argue with me over coupons or some other stupid shit. After they use my hard earned tax money to pay for their cholesterol packed food, they hand me a hundred dollar bill to pay for one pack of cigarettes. Sometimes they even use their foodstamps to pay for their friend’s cartload of food too.

I don’t understand how some of these people who look like they’re about 18 can get government assistance when they’re perfectly healthy and able to work. Here I am working my ass off for minimum wage while they get to sit on their lazy butts and get high and play video games and make more babies so they can get more money. Instead of the gov’t handing out money so readily, they should put these assholes to work. Round them all up on busses and send them to work in a factory, or on farms, anything. There are plenty of places hiring where I live so why don’t you have jobs? Grow up and quit being a waste of a human being! Assholes!

My rant, like so many others here, involves lazy teen mothers (soon to become lazy adult mothers) leeching off the rest of us and thinking we owe it to them for contributing yet another future bum to the world. I would like to know how it can be legal for children to be allowed to breed like this. Unless you are WORKING or going to school full time, teenagers getting knocked up should be legally required to give up their child for adoption (or placed in foster care until they are proven to be self-supporting)! My neighbour is a 17 year old teen mom BUM who is 100% reliant on the government for every need of her child and self. She has NO highschool education (having dropped out of school immmedietly after 8th gr.), and has had no employment experience whatsoever. She is supported by Children’s Aid because she couldn’t abide by her parent’s rules, so technically not on Welfare….yet. She intends to switch over to welfare once she is no longer eligible for Children’s Aid, so there perpetuates the cycle of getting your life handed to you and never having any incentive to work. Why would she? Every month she gets her rent money deposited directly into the landlord’s bank account, another amount is allotted to her for food and other needs, she doesn’t even have to directly deal with anyone. All the money simply appears in her account. She takes taxis all over the city, has a pre-paid bus card given to her, and seems able to afford trips to the movies with her dead beat boyfriend and take-out more than I and my husband can afford working. When I see the pizza delivery car pulling up for her again, or watch her getting out of her taxi with armfulls of take-out and/or a ton of groceries, I am simply seething with rage!! I am living in Canada, unlike most of the posters on the site, and I don’t know if you in the U.S. know this, but teen mothers are given even more here. What sort of incentive do they even have to get off the system and find work, knowing that they’ll get more money staying home squeezing out more kids that we all have to pay for? If they really had to struggle on a pittance that was hard to live on, maybe they’d say, “gee, this is too tough, I better look for a job to support us instead”. But clearly my neighbour is being given enough cash to live quite comfortably, and with many luxuries that working class folk consider treats. And then they wonder why we are so hostile toward them and have no respect for them. PAY FOR YOUR OWN MISTAKES/OFFSPRING BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO! My parents both worked steady jobs and much overtime to be able to raise me with everything I needed, and I respect them so much for it. How much respect are these lowlife’s kids going to have for them, they didn’t sacrifice anything for them. Mommy just sat at home and waited for that cheque to get deposited, and fed them Kraft Dinner and Mickey D’s all their life. I know this is a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. The answer is so simple. Figure out exactly what these girls need to live, simply LIVE, without a single treat or extravagance. Just what they need for the cheapest, smallest apartment and the basic food staples, all clothes bought second hand or through donations. Let them live like that for a few months, NO extra cash given for each kid they pump out in hopes of making that cash cow a little fatter. This neighbour of mine who pisses me off so badly, is given a $700 allowance for her rent money!!! PLUS food money and “extra spending money”. She and her child have designer items, I have none. I shop mostly at thrift stores and rarely can afford take out. I would never even consider having a child, as we simply couldn’t afford one. Yet these dumb, uneducated girls can lounge in their gov’t subsidized housing and simply be upgraded to a bigger place should the need arise for another bedroom. The best is when their drinking-age boyfriend/baby-daddy swings by with a case of beer and then I get the pleasure of knowing she’s laying there hungover all day while I toil away at work. I was so pleased to discover this website, I’m so glad I’m not alone in my seething, boiling fury at these fucking cretins who are allowed to breed like bunnies and get rewarded for it by a lax goverment who provides the quickest easiest solution. I guess they have never had to live next door to one of these teen BUMS and have their daily gravy train shoved in my face, knowing part of it is fueled by a nice chunk of MY tax money. Teen Welfare Bums: Get the government to build you a nice “Bum Reserve” where you’ll all live apart from the rest of us. I’ll even support having my tax dollars used to help build it…when it’s built, it’ll be fenced off from the rest of society, only WORKING or retired people allowed on the other side of the fence.. Oh, and also unemployed people who are actively searching for a job are allowed. JUST NOT YOU OR YOUR SQUALLING BRATS!! GET A FUCKING JOB!!!

I have a big problem with Welfare Recipients – I live in a neighborhood that was a beautiful place thirty years ago when we bought our house. Now it’s the “hood” and it’s filled with the scum of society. I’m now retired from my full time job and work a part-time one to make enough to subsidize my healthcare premiums because my company changed our retirement plan. When I leave my house in the afternoon for my job, I pick-up the new trash, candy wrappers, chip bags, etc. that my welfare collecting neighbors throw on my lawn daily. As I leave my driveway in my 12 year-old-car, I watch one of my neighbors come home in her new hummer. When she gets out of her car with her four children, she is carrying a 12-pack of beer. All of her children are under seven and she herself is about 22. She has never worked a day in her life and gets free housing, her heat paid for, five dollar cable (we don’t even have cable, can’t afford it), and 200 minutes for her free cell phone. I am paying for the only child we were blessed with late in life to go to college. We qualify for nothing, no college aid, $250 in tap, and our child works at the college as a RA for tuition assistance. We shop at the farmers market and pay our bills on time. I am so sick of these welfare recipients getting everything while I pay, and pay, and pay. And me and my family receive no benefit in any way. I hear these welfare people say, “well, I can’t get a good job” and I hear the government say, “these people are the poorest, and have no education to better themselves”. In my city, public education is free and most welfare recipients receive grants to go to Catholic school for free (I have to pay for my child). Yet will all this, the graduation rate for the people in my area is 46%. HEY! GET THIS PEOPLE, GOVERNMENT, you can’t get a good paying job unless you get an education, and for welfare recipients it’s FREE. So why am I still pay for this useless scum and all their kids? It’s because they like where they are. They like quitting school, pushing out kids, sleeping to 2 in the afternoon, and letting someone like me work myself to death to pay for me and mine and THEM. The welfare program should make them get a degree instead of sitting around putting trash on my lawn.

I have to work with people on disability and welfare on a daily basis. At first I believed these people deserved the benefit of the doubt, but not now. I work for the state and see how people abuse disability while or older americans who have worked everyday of there lives or going without many resources. Once these lazy ass bastards or on disability they ride the system for ever, because it is so hard for the workers to get them off the system. Thank your federal goverment and policy makers for this. Most state workers would love no more than to cut these peoples checks and do something to help those that are truly in need, but or freaking hands or tied. This is part of the reason I cannot wait to find a different job. You can’t help those who don’t help themselves.

Funny how when you bust your ass and God forbid, get a decent job, all the slimy-ass bums in your family come crawling out of the woodwork EXPECTING you to dole out cash to them cause ‘welfare don’t pay enough". Welfare is not a friggin’ JOB!!! It don’t pay you. I PAY YOU. With my tax dollars. Do I like having to go to work everyday? No. Do I like having to pay off my huge student loan? No. Did I like having to leave all my friends and decent family members behind to move across the country so I could actually find a job? No. That’s why I truly earn every dollar I make and am not handing over a cent more to your lazy asses. What sense of self-entitlement do you have that I should hand over my hard-earned money to you? Get bent!

I am really angry at people that abuse financial assistance programs. It’s amazing how easy it is to abuse the system here in America. I meet people that abuse the system all the time. Some fat, lazy, bitch with 4 kids and a sense of entitlement can waddle down to the welfare office, apply for every assistance program that exists and they are eligible to receive: free food, free medical care, free prescription drugs for mental health problems, free mental health counseling, free gas for their car, and free section 8 housing. Look, I’m not totally against people receiving government assistance. There are actual needy families out there that deserve government assistance. A husband gets laid off from his job and now a family needs government assistance to help them survive until he finds a new job; that is understandable. I am sick and tired of these freeloading pieces of shit that want to squeeze out 3 or 4 kids when they are nowhere near being financially stable and expect the government to take care of them. What about these homeless war veterans that I am constantly running into? Where the fuck is their financial assistance? They fought for our country and they cannot get housing or medical care from the fucking government? I used to work for this program that catered to low income people and every day these freeloading pieces of shit would brag about the welfare they received. They would brag about their food stamps, gas cards, free rent money, and their free medical care. Most of the women in this program had at least 2 children and they would brag about not using birth control and how the government would take care of their new babies. I also remember one morbidly obese woman in particular that was taking 10 different prescription medications. She would brag about getting free massages for her back and neck because she was constantly in pain over all her “fatass” problems. She had 2 children and was living in a free section 8 apartment. If you are not financially stable, why would you have more children? I’ll tell you why; because the more kids you have the more money you receive from the government! If I and my boyfriend were to stop using birth control and have a baby or two, we could probably receive enough financial assistance to move out of our parent’s houses. Isn’t that amazing? My boyfriend is a Type 1 Diabetic and he cannot get a single dime from the government to help him pay for his insulin. Instead, he has to have his mother pay help pay for it. I suffer from Type 2 Bipolar disorder and Ulcerative Colitis and the government will not help me. I cannot afford to see a counselor or pay for the prescriptions that I need. My parents cannot afford to get me help. Instead, I have to abuse Captain Morgan and take 3 different herbal supplements to try and ease my suffering. That helps me get by, but it’s not good enough; I need to see a professional. Our government needs to find a way to stop all the freeloading and help people that want to work and be productive members of society. I don’t want to live off of government money; I want to earn a living.

I am glad I have finally found a place to rant about this. I just am so fucking mad at the state of the welfare system in this country. It is an anger that just bores through me, almost every day. I am a conservative and am SO unbelievably SICK of Democrats and liberals who are the party that brought this on in our countyr and have perpetuated it through the decades. It is CRIMINAL.

I was a kid w/ divorced parents. My Dad walked out on us and I had to put up with so much bullshit growing up, it wasn’t even funny. Abusive stepfather, bitch of a mom who was unloving and let my stepfather take out ALL his anger and craziness on ME. Well, did I turn to drugs, partying, sex? NO. I stuck it out in school, worked my way through college and got a fantastic job after college. Then I married a great military guy and have had a pretty good life. We married, however, in debt, and have at worked ourselves to the bone for everything we have.

I feel most of these welfare losers are just incredibly WEAK individuals. The obviously dont’ have the mental ability to put aside instant gratification which is the NUMBER ONE thing a person needs to work their way out of poverty. They want what they want and they want it now …food stamps give it to them NOW. All the welfare assistance is easier for them, than sucking it up and refusing the assistance, buckling down and WORKING one’s way out.

There are a few that do succeed, but as we can say the majority of them font’ have the ambition or the ability. We make it far too easy on them. Our society needs to cut off this aid and offer only BARE BONES assistance to any of them. No more housing … sorry, you have to move in with family or the baby’s father if you want shelter. It’s either that or you can live in the un-air conditioned barracks with the rest of the losers. For food it will be rationed bags of beans and rice, and that’s fucking IT. Welfare needs to reflect true WELFARE and should be minimal assistance only. Whatever assistance we give should be put into job finding efforts and that’s it. Make welfare unattractive and no one will want it.

They want their weaves, their nails, their cell phones, their designer purses — well they need to FUCKING work for it!!! Sick of their entitled disgusting attitudes, sick of seeing how FAT they all are, how AWFUL their kids behave much money we spend in addition on schooling for these losers????/ Unb elievable that in America we are this stupid …these overbreeding vermin are going to take us over and pull us ALL down if we dont’ stop it.

I say go the rice and beans route and get ready for them to stream out of the city. After that, take aim and fight them off if they dont’ like it. Let nature sort it all out. I as well as millions of taxpayers are FED UP of paying for this. It needs to end. If these people find it impossible to put up with what government doles out then perhaps we dont’ need them to exist anymore in this society. we are tired and can’t afford it anymore.

I AM SO ANGRYSICK AND TIRED OF THE FUCKING INJUSTICE! There’s a woman who was moved into the apartment upstairs with her mother (living on Social security despite NEVER working) and 2 kids. Bitch gets welfare, food stamps, wic and was given vouchers for airconditioners, clothes, furniture and a bunch of other stuff. Welfare pays their rent as well. From the night they moved in, they’ve been throwing garbage out the window & our windows, throwing feces at neighbors windows, food and a bunch of other things.

They moved in a bunch of relatives and men (they sell drugs and have some prostitution thing going there) – and stay up all night screaming and playing loud music. They sleep all day and stay up all night. They scream threats at other tenants but never leave their own apartment. They have renters paying them $400 a week to live in that apartment as well and a drug/prostitution business as well. The food that food stamps pay for is sold or thrown out the window at neighbors. They use welfare money to throw parties…

Despite real proof (photos and eyewitnesses who have seen them do all those things) – they were finally taken to court (after 3 years of over 10 apartments complaining), the animals didn’t show up and the housing court judge refused to evict them despite all the proof of all the things they have done to violate their lease. All because the bitch keeps popping out kids.

All their antics & obvious welfare fraud – has been going on for over 3 years – AND still, despite many of the tenants being working people, the state keeps giving those animals support, legal aid, money, etc. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I don’t sleep all night – then get up at 6AM to work from 7:30 to 6PM every single day & the building owners keep raising my rent. My kids don’t sleep and have to be at school all day – then find somewhere to do their homework because the assholes upstairs let their kids bang on the floor with hammers all day and night.

The other day the housing manager I called and spoke to, threatened me that if I keep complaining, they will evict me! WTF?Cut Welfare to the lazy and turn it into a program for actual working families! If you work and have no money for rent, insurance or food – then the government should give you food stamps, medicaid AND pay your rent! I am SO SICK OF THE FUCKING INJUSTICE ALREADY!

I think it is annoying when I hear someone talk about how they are planning on having another child just so they can stay on government benefits. They do not think about what they are doing and in return they raise 8 kids on welfare showing those children welfare is ok to abuse and use. They have taken the EMBARASSMENT out of welfare. Then these 8 kids grow up and begin the abuse of the system which creates more kids who grow up to abuse the system…. DO WE SEE A PATTERN HERE???? Someone I know abuses the system, Her mom was on welfare and still is, she said she hates her mom never wants to be like that woman and a few years on her own where is she? too lazy to work, on welfare just had a baby TODAY so she can get government health benifits, she is too lazy to stay in college, her husband works a fast food restaurant cuz its part time and he dont want to work. They got in a huge lawsuit cuz she tried to screw someone out of 1000 for her car in wich she decided to keep only after she spent the money…. wake up welfare lady….What are you going to teach that poor son of yours? The same thing your momma taught you… Welfare is ok use it abuse it dont ever get off of it! Welfare helps support your drinking and drug problems cuz then you have food stamps for food and your cash is for your stash…Maybe people who are on welfare should not be alowed to have any more kids until they pull their ass out of the hole and make enough money to support the family. If they cant do that they should be indefinatly sterleized so they can never have kids once on welfare. This welfare breeding welfare needs to stop, I am sick of paying for your lazy ass. I work 60 hours a week my husband does as well, no one in my family has ever had welfare and there was a time my mom and dad were so broke we each got a coloring book for christmas and a PB with no J sandwich for supper every day for a month, they would not take assistance, they recovered and are doing well, Yes hard times fall on the best of us so swallow your pride cut your cable, loose the Iphone and live cheap for a year you dont need the welfare, and you mommas who got no baby daddy CLOSE YOUR DAMN LEGS, NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU!!

It really pisses me off that all of these perfectly capable able bodied people are not working to help support this country but instead are at home all day watching television having babies they cannot take care of while depending on the government to “pay their way”. I get furious when I go grocery shopping carefully watching my budget of hard earned money on what I can or cannot buy this month. Passing up the t-bone and sirlion steaks instead for cheap hot dogs, rice and oatmeal. Then here comes a woman with a scarf on her head wearing pajamas and house slippers and the 3 or 4 unkept kids running around the store causing a disturbance. She fills her cart to the brim with packages of hot link sausages (typically $8.00 a box waaayyyy out of my budget… but here’s wishful thinking!) cookies soda ramen noodles chips hot pockets frozen pizza sugary cereals and several other processed items no fruit or vegstables for her children and when she gets to the register she will add candy and beef jerky! Those poor cashier clerks the woman stands there watching the screen like a hawk quick to point out any incorrect prices that may ring up (why? I’m not sure, especially since she isn’t even the one footing the bill) and also yelling at her kids between the beeps as they are running around the store bothering the other customers. And when her $250 total comes up she swipes that ole trusted foodstamp card! And then pulls out a $100 bill and asking for alchohol or a packet of cigarettes. Then off she goes back home to enjoy the free food and watch television in her subsidized house with no intention on finding a job to support the 4 kids she had fun making. It just baffles me! We need to change this whole welfare system. I know this was not what was intended when welfare benefits were first established. Everyone needs help once in a while. That is a fact of life. The most successful personal struggles a time or two before becoming successful. But the difference is that out of the millions of people collecting these government aids 9 times out of 10 they are perfectly capable of supporting themselves and paying taxes like the rest of us. It isn’t fair. One thing that I have discovered after being blessed with a beautiful child of my own- is that if a woman can lay up and get pregnant and give birth to a child be it naturally or c-section she is perfecty capable of going out and getting a job and supporting her family. I will never forget the physical toll pregnancy labor and delivery had on my body. The old wives tale says you have one foot in the grave when delivering a child. Every nerve and muscle work together to bring a child into this world. If you can make a baby you can get a job. That’s how I see it. I’ve been working since I was 14 years old. I haven’t stopped since. What excuse do some of these low lifes have? Get a job and take care of yourself and your family. They are so incredibly lazy it makes me sick. How can you seriously sit at home day after day after day popping out children and not have any intention on supporting them? I have 3 sisters and my parents told us all that although children are a blessing do not have more children than you can take care of… now how did so many of these women miss the memo? Perhaps they are the 3rd and 4th generation on welfare? Not wanting to break this hideous cylce of laziness and respect for tax payers hard earned money?? Possibly. Both of my parents worked to support us on their own. I work and so does my husband and we have one child. We plan to have atleast one more but we have discussed the fact that we want to be able to financially support our family. Something these welfare women obviously don’t even consider. In my opinion they use childbearing as a saftey net. Keep having babies and the government assistance will keep coming. I just can’t stand it. If it were up to me these lazy women would have been cut off of these benefits a long time ago. This topic really makes me sick. I could really go on and on. I feel a lot better though knowing I’m not the only one pissed off about the matter.

Really tired of conservatives and libertarians who hate wasteful government spending, but feel comfortable getting disability. Oh yes, it’s “their” tax dollars they’ve paid into the system, so they “deserve” it. This is bullshit! You can’t tell me that paying into the system 20 years will pay for supporting you the next 25 years, especially when you are getting Medicare/Medicaid in the process. I know someone who is a total conservative, blah, blah, blah, but weighs like 400-500 pounds and is getting disability/Medicaid. Talk about wasteful government spending! I can see if you were born with a disability, or had an accident, but if you are 400 pounds because you can’t stop eating, why should my tax dollars subsidize you? I had to take a job I knew I wouldn’t like in order to get insurance to take care of a medical problem which wasn’t life threatening, but would have been if I hadn’t addressed it with surgery.

And I have to agree with some people about getting help. If you fall into a rough spell, it’s just about impossible to get help. I tried getting help about four years ago, and didn’t get it. That’s because I never had any kids I couldn’t afford to raise. Bottom line: if you hate wasteful government spending, don’t bitch about it, but then turn around and apply for disability! Makes you look like a hypocrite!

I am furious every time I see worthless people using my tax dollars carelessly buying food on food stamps. I have worked all my life and these people eat better than me! I am a teacher with a graduate degree and I have the pleasure of teaching future welfare recipients that have no concept of work ethic or the value of money. Their parent is too busy trading food stamps for drugs to feed their kids or have any interest in their education or raising. I hate paying for lazy, worthless people that refuse to work and rely on handouts funded by hardworking people like me! If we have to feed the worthless, give them healthy foods to cut down on the obesity. Give them low fat dry milk, beans, cheese,flour and other commodities like they used to. I look forward to the collapse of the welfare system. I would much rather have my tax dollars help the elderly and those that have paid into the system. The kids are being fed two meals a day at school and yet the mother is still getting the full amount of food stamps! We can eliminate the obesity problem also by adhering to the old saying if you don’t work, you don’t eat!

I am so sick of being screwed by the gov and their nurturing of the ‘entitlement’ attitude. I live in a small town which has pretty much been overrun with welfare scum since the early seventies. Why do I live here? Because I was born here and I’m too freaking poor to move bc I work my ass off to pay for these idiots to sit on their rears all day! I get it rubbed in my face everyday I go to work. I have to drive right past where they’ve colonized for the past ten years. The city developed an area of cow pasture into housing back in the early 2000’s, and (hard to believe now) it was actually a decent looking area. Now it’s been completely taken over by idiots (who eat out of the Federal Trough) who drive gangstermobiles, let their houses go to hell, and leave trash everywhere! I go in Walmart or Kroger and have to look at them, pushing carts full of calorie packed expensive food that most working class can’t afford. I have to wait on them in line while the cashier struggles to ring up their 101 bags of Lays and Cheetos as they’re standing there with their nose stuck in a Cosmopolitan. Their attitude is probably the most infuriating of all! I used to work at a local upscale restaraunt (think a panera bread mixed with a subway…expensive place to eat, ok?) and I had to deal with them every 1st and 15th of the month. I am going to be completely honest, they were the worst customers in the world. They were needy as hell, always were being difficult just for the hell of it, and acted like YOU owed them something. Mess anything up on their order, they were right back up at the counter to throw their food back at you. I’ll take that from a paying customer, but not from some dumbass paying for their expensive yuppie meal with my tax money. And after they were done pestering the everloving crap out of you, did they ever leave a mess!! I’ve never seen so many grown adults with table manners like a herd of cattle! By the end of the shift, the whole place was usually trashed…and oh God, the state of the bathrooms after they all left!! I won’t even go there… I had so many ignorant (bad bad words) dressed in designer clothes walk up with kids wilder than buck deer, and their Tahoe sitting in the parking lot, acting like your job is to pander to their every whim. And don’t even get me started on their free medicaid! A lot of people are trying to be bleeding hearts saying, “if they’re on welfare, how can they afford nice clothes and nice cars?” I’ll tell you…it’s called doctor shopping and it’s how they can afford shit that is way out of normal, working class citizens’ budgets. They go around to different clinics and get prescriptions out of five or six different counties, get them filled, and then turn and sell them on the street for instant profit. facepalm It just kills me to see the chunk out of my paycheck every two weeks and know that most of it is going to these assholes. It’s a long rant, I know…it’s been building up for a while.

There have been huge increases of welfare moochers in the USA do to the 1960’s civil rights program. Rather than reducing the population dependent on welfare each welfare baby momma have as many fatherless children as possible as “mo baby mo check.” As more and more welfare dependent people are created, there will come a time in which working people will no longer be able to shoulder this burden.

Eugenics demonstrates that you do not want these genetic defectives reproducing more genetic defectives, the more scum in a society to sooner a society collapses. Happily there are solutions to the problem! Surgical sterilizations should be carried out after the first fatherless child is born, both for da baby mamma AND da baby daddy. History shows that the liberal use of Zyklon B is one of the fastest ways to cull the EBT, Section 8, SNAP, TANF, WIC mooching herd. With the reduction in the number of genetic defectives, taxes could be reduced to tolerable levels. Lets say the Government takes $7500 a year from your pay to support these genetic defectives who will not work, baby mommas and baby daddies who will not marry and provide for their children…

After 10 years you will have paid $75,000 into the system for nothing less that the support of these inferior subhumans. What could you do with an extra $75,000? There also should be programs to use these genetic defectives in medical experiments as they give nothing back to our nation save more genetically defectives.

How much would crime drop if these welfare bred youths had to work 8 hours a day? Abortions, forced surgical sterilizations, and culling of these genetic defectives should be law. When able bodied people are to stupid or lazy to care for themselves and their children become the majority, then our nation will collapse into communism or worse. It is time to cull the welfare herd.

Why do I need to pay you to do nothing? The fact that people are actually forced to pay into a flawed system that only caters to the lowest of human scum is complete bullshit. That being said, the people who either collect it or distribute it are the real problems. The government employees should feel not only bad, but out right ashamed of what they are approving. How dare you take money that I work every goddamn day for and give it to some piece of shit because they have 5 kids and don’t work. I could care LESS that your children are starving, it’s not my fucking problem that you decided to continue on having them without working. It’s not my problem you let some scum of the earth knock you up or get knocked up. You need to face consequences, you need to have all your money and property stripped from you and given back to the public that actually works so you can survive. It’s honestly time that we stopped helping these people, all they do is reproduce and leech more of our hard earned money away. I KNOW I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I KNOW that one of these days, I’ll be heading home after a fourteen hour day, and I hear some announcement about the ENTIRE social welfare system being dismantled and replaced with a pro-active system that rewards the “do’ers” and not the “don’ters.” Until that day comes, I will make it my active duty to disparage the common welfare person and will continuously make an effort to ridicule and mock all of them.