Phantasy Star Online 2 is Kind of Good


PSO2 is finally available to everyone now on Steam, and it is now truly Global. If you are from SEA you can now play it too unlike before EP5 patch. So yeah maybe rejoice. Other than that, it’s a MMO Action RPG game that has 8 years of content being rushed out to you all in just months, so if you feel like the content is quite hard to catch up to, it’s not really your fault, at least they removed and streamlined alot of legacy stuff and had the latest PSO2JP Quality of Life things which makes the game much more bearable. There are bots here and there trying to spam their websites but just add them to PSO2 Block list and Report them Obstruction/Spamming and the GMs will keep on purging them. The fact that they exist, really just means that the game is pretty successful.

If you like to play an MMO but you feel like you are worried that you don’t have time to play or don’t have good motor reactions on action games, you can still play this game, this is the best casual/hardcore MMORPG I’ve ever played and the fact that I’ve heard from Grandmas and Grandpas playing or even people with disabilities could enjoy the game really is something of a testament of how inclusive this game is. Speaking of inclusivity, this is the perfect MMO to be anything too, you can be human,elf,demon,robots,tanks,attack helicopter,furry creatures like Rappies/Lilipans/Persona suits, or even the legendary Marlin.

All in all, the games have it’s flaws here and there, but as a player who tried it all since JP Beta back in 2012 till today on PSO2 Global, it’s really a SEGA game, and most importantly, the game is fun, and when you have a gang of friends of Alliance members together doing stupid things etc. It’s really the best community MMORPG ever, probably even more than alot of other MMOs because of the Fashion Endgame.


A Girl that cried … Probably no on will care ;-;

Still I must share it

Im a fan os pso2. Rally Loves Fashion

DONT PLAY PSO2 FROM NA , YOU WILL GET BAN FOR ANY ReporT from any random player.

Spend more than 3000 usa ! And still got ban for unistalling steam, because wanted too play in my new laptop.

Their message was

Greetings ARKS Operative!Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your login issues.Upon thorough investigation into this account, we had found illicit activity which violated our Terms of Service. Due to this, we have permanently suspended this account. Unfortunately, this account will not be released.Please review the Terms of Service for further details about this decision.- Your PSO2 Team

They wont explain Nothing ! NOTHING, Sad, im I really loved that game, still they Give a ♥♥♥♥ ! about me

Support is y lacking and that’s a huge red flag in my book, I can’t support a company that takes my money without issue and when problems arrive they just turn their back and walk away.